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Ricardo on Mt. Everest

Ricardo is back from Mt. Everest after a historically unfortunate and tragic season. If you want to hear Ricardo's account of the tragedy listen to this Public radio interview he gave the day after he arrived in Denver http://www.cpr.org/news/story/colorado-mountaineer-returns-everest-stymied-avalanche

CD just released for download!

In 1998 I released a CD entitled "Our Truth" with my band which was then called Milestone. The CD sold out and it hasn't been available until now. The album and its individual songs are available for download through my website store www.ricardopena.net or on my facebook band page. I have put a free download of one of the tracks "Sangre Mexicana" on Reverb Nation. I hope you all enjoy it!

New band video demo!

Check out our brand new video demo! It features the full 10 piece band performing a wide variety of musical styles and great classic songs!