Recording finished, rehearsals begin...

Just a quick update: recording sessions for our first album are in the can and we've now moved on to rehearsals. First practice after completing recording was held last night and went amazingly well. As my first time posting in the WI blog here, let me just note that if last night's practice was any indicator of what WI will bring to stages this year, look out! The tightness, tone and energy was unbelievable, especially for a first time together after months of recording and production time. My expectation from past experience is that you have to knock the dust off the live performance chops after being buried in the studio for a while, but not this time. Few things are as stressful on bands as studio time, especially when you're shooting for the degree of quality in performance and production that we've been going for. This first practice together after making through that whole process was just an amazing evening together making music and blowing off the steam of recording. Felt so good to just be together as a team, playing the songs we've been working so hard to capture in production. The first official gig for this new lineup is March 29th and I personally can't wait to get this beast on stage. A lot of other great opportunities are falling in place for WI right now, so stick around. You'll certainly be hearing and seeing a lot more from us very soon! -Les


As of Saturday, March 10, all drum tracks are finished for the CD. Going back in studio to finish(I hope) guitar tracks on Saturday, March 24. Paul D