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Radio Interview for NW METAL ZONE!!!!



Keeping the ball rolling and booking more shows, Hope to make new fans this summer and play some kick ass shows!

For Booking contact: Wherethedeadare@hotmail.com

-Where The Dead Are

W.T.D.A Local Radio play!

Here's the link to NW Metal Zone local radio show! Give it a listen, it includes a great interview with Justin Giallo of Grindhouse Theater, and some Metal! They played one of our songs check it out... Episode72



Hey Dead folks, Alright so we have been taking a break on playing shows for a minute to work on some new material, Right now we have been looking into booking a bunch of new shows for September time, also getting some killer MERCH made. Got some Recording's done -go listen and tell us what you think. Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wherethedeadare That's all for now -check back with us on show dates, STAY DRUNK!!!!

Web Link to Watch Facebook video clip of "Where The Dead Are" Live