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I'm Just Waiting

okay so i'm happy with the music i'm putting out but it seems that any and everyone will put you down for what your trying to do. this includes people that are close to you and people who where around you. Let me get this straight i'm here for the music and what GOD has put in my life, i love the music because its in my soul and will always be . you cant stop destiny baby !! so i'm here to stay..

Writing until the end of time

i've been writing alot and i realized that when i talk to people about whatever is bothering them at the time i feel there pain and i feed off of that by writing all these songs. My inspration comes from my family and friends and i feel thier pain through my writing. it's a crazy but it's a blessing at the same time thank you all, for you have inspired me!!

It's about to go DOWN!!!!

So, my name is ash-lynn and im a singer, i love the LORD and im gratefull for the things that he has done for me. I was with a Group called PROMISE and i had a great time with my group but we realized that we need to find our own way. So im branching out and finding my own way im learning and writing new things!! i think i'm ready to do me !! so with that being said its about to go DOWN!!!!