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New Songs

I just posted a newly written song called "For You" and found out that the guitar is not quite loud enough. Will work on fixing that asap. Posted an old song of mine called "Faith" as well. Enjoy the long weekend. Love and Light.

Long Time no Recordings

It's been a while since I have uploaded any songs and that's mainly due to the fact that I've had issues with my recording studio not making proper mp3 files but hopefully that will be fixed very soon. Have lots of new songs to add soon... just need to find the time to do it. Working these days at a day job and loving it but longing to get back into "Live" shows again!! Enjoy my music... more to come... always.

About the new songs

I should mention that the last two songs I uploaded aren't done in the studio so they sound raw and unpolished. This is because I am just doing home recordings myself on my computer. The sound quality isn't the same as the first ones. It's kind of a "No Frills" approach. But the songs are all mine and it's just me performing them.

New Songs

I just uploaded a couple of new tunes. Unfolding is a song I wrote when I first moved to Van Isle. Happy Delusions was written a couple of months ago and is about dealing with Bipolar Disorder and the complexities one has to live with when dealing with it. Hope you like them both.

Just checking in...

The city life has been good to me. Love living in Duncan again. Things are going really well for me. Happy Long Weekend people! Have a drink for me.

Almost, but no cigar!!

I'm still working on getting my voice back to health. How bloody long does it take me to "shut up"? Seems that these days I'm still having to deal with life with various vocal exercises that don't help my voice at all. Perhaps it would help if I wrote notes again and stopped all of my verbal diahhrea!! It seems that I still have fans awaiting my new songs and I'm glad... someday soon I'll stop smoking so many cigarettes and get my voice back to it's original "sweetness". I'm working on it but life sometimes comes to a standstill and there's not much I can do about it. Something in the way.. MMM MMM, something in the way, yeah!! Sheila "Coming Soon!"

cinamon_gurl2002  (about 9 years ago)

I will be waiting patiently...Take your time, and make it right! Miss ya!

Good News!

Well, I've found a local band who wants me to sing for them. It's just a matter of getting to know the music and making sure we're compatible. Also have a family issue to heal from. The loss of a cousin this week was very tragic and of course time is needed for healing and moving on. But I'll be back soon. And Thanks for checking in!! Sheila

Getting There!

Well, I'm managing to overcome some of the technical difficulties I've had with computer software. I've emailed for support and yet I end up finding my own solutions, as usual. I'm getting ready to record a few of my songs in the next couple of weeks or earlier. My throat issue is persistent and I suspect it's my asthma getting worse. Not much help when you smoke each day. Have to work on that too. Thanks for checking in. Sorry, no new songs yet but they are coming. Have a great day!

Woe is me!! Technical Difficulties!! #@#@#

Would you believe I'm having more problems with more software? I guess it's not that hard to believe!! I bought a copy of the Sony Acid Recording Studio and have been practising for when I am ready to really record... (when my cold is better) and I managed to record some songs and add a tiny amount of effects but then came the bullshit!! I tried to burn them to a disk and "no go". The computer says that the disc is burned but there's nothing on it. It also crashed once too when I was using the Help Wizard to guide me through. What can I say? I should have stuck to Audacity and gave it a better chance... at least it did burn to cd. I've contacted Sony for tecnical help and hopefully they'll give me some advice. Still practising though because it's been a year since I've played guitar and sang for any length of time. But when the bug hits... it hits!! Thank you all for supporting me. Even one of my sisters who hates computers is checking me out online today. She called to express her excitedness about it. She loves hearing my voice. Grateful to all of you. More to come.. Just have a little patience, like Axel Rose sings.. Love Sheila

The Immaculate Deception

Ok so now the word is out. I did a Madonna Impersonation Act when I was in Toronto around 1998. I haven't even posted pictures on my blog about it yet because I wasn't ready to expose that part of my background. But yeah, I did a show called Material Girl with some players in Toronto. I didn't like impersonating Madonna. That's primarily why I don't talk about it much. I wanted to be me, not impersonating anybody. I admit I looked just like her when I dyed my hair blonde and added the extension pony tail. People were amazed and although I was doing a "retro' look of hers, sometimes people actually thought I was her. I'll post some pics at a later date.