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From the beginning...

To understand where all this material is coming from we have to go back a bit, back to the street of Paris in the mid 70’s. Gilles grew up in the south east portion of the Parisian banlieu where violence prevailed. Gangs ruled the streets, fears was in everybody’s mind, crime was cheap and swift and electric blues music was the only escape for many teenagers. A lot of small bands were screaming the injustice in their songs and British Blues was the influence, in a hard core kind of way, the music that came out from those small groups was hard, soulful and loud. Several bands made it like Telephone, Camenbert Electric and Ange and many did not and many went away to seek exposure in other countries and that is case for this musician.

Gilles then arrived in the US with big aspirations and talents. Gilles quickly joined in the 80’s movement that best cried out the dis functionality of our society and started a band named Curtains. Curtains played a super hard core city punk with the Parisian feel, lessons he learned from the streets and adventures lived during his travels. Songs were about our crazy society, our crazy way of life in the 20th century and about love and the lack of compassion. A 5 song album was made but the band broke up after the drummer’s girlfriend was raped on her way home one night. Kevin, drum, left town disgusted by what had just happened, heart broken, the rest of the band went their own way. Now fast forward to 1998 when Gilles decided to relight the fire that was by then unbearable to hold. He worked with a friend from Germany on several compositions made of electronic mixed with soulful blues guitars, a total innovation for that time and 3 albums were cut but mostly played at parties, night clubs and private gatherings. Tired of studio only play, Gilles formed a brand new blues band but still with the street anger lingering and messages not passed on yet to the audience. Shower Me Blue was born on August 12, 2008 for Gilles birthday. A huge party was the stepping stone for a private gig and several first class musicians have been a part of SMB.

From a fan...

"BTW, we really love "The Land!" The music is wonderful and I was blown-away by the quality of the recording. When I got it, I also picked-up used copies of "Everclear" and "Counting Crows" CDs that had songs I liked, and they're garbage compared to yours. Now if we can just get you the recognition they achieved!"