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From a fan...

"BTW, we really love "The Land!" The music is wonderful and I was blown-away by the quality of the recording. When I got it, I also picked-up used copies of "Everclear" and "Counting Crows" CDs that had songs I liked, and they're garbage compared to yours. Now if we can just get you the recognition they achieved!"

How We Started

Shower Me Blue was born on August 12, 2008 for Gilles 50th birthday. A huge party was the stepping stone for a private gig and several first class musicians came and one stayed with Gilles, Rick Roseberry (Bass) was delighted by what he heard and remained with the project knowing that this kind of energy did not come from books read nor passive learning but came from a real life story, a story of struggle, a story of surviving, a story of Blues from the guts. You can and will hear it all in the very first chords you'll hear on "The Land" on the very first words sang beautifully by Carla Allen delivering the heaviest of messages with a voice from heaven. All songs are original, all are written by Gilles and with help from Carla and Rick and Greg, our drummer. Now 4 years after the creation of Shower Me Blue (SMB) the first released album named "The Land" you will hear a story of hard fought justice for all, a still crazy life we all live, a planet we work so hard to destroy and love, the 4 letter word most of us have such a hard time grasping. This album is the voice inside most of us want to quiet down because it exposes our desires, our fears and our hopes. Nothing has changed in the past 5,000 years but today, we have much better ways of expressing our feelings, delivering the message and getting heard. So release your fears, embrace your compassion, love one another and listen to the sound of another human being telling the story we all know so well and love to hear again and again. Pass it on, share the messages, love your brother and sister, be ONE.