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Hello everyone its The Heretic and this is just a little update on whats happening with me and the album well first off whats happening with me is well just some issues with many people I'm not gonna say any names but I will say that if you like my Facebook page then you would know about the whole Finding Neverwhere incident but yeah now onto the album well "Ready For War" the processes has been slowed down due to minor difficulties however as soon as I can I will release my official EP called "The Interlude" its gonna have like 5 or 6 songs on it but there wont be any lyrics but it will be up for download and purchase as soon as possible so yeah thats about it so I'll talk to you all later PEACE!

Moving Slowly

Hey everyone its The Heretic and I just wanna say that I'm sorry that everything is moving rather slow BUT!! I should be helping some people out with their EP's I'm gonna do remixes of some songs for 3 different people so get ready for that aight peace

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry everyone for not releasing the EP last night my computer messed up and wouldn't open the file my songs were in but I will get them uploaded as soon as possible

The Interlude

Hello everyone Its me The Heretic and today I'm gonna release The Interlude EP yes that's right there will not be any words on the EP but there will be some sick ass beats it will be a 5 track EP so get ready

Good Morning/ Interlude

Good morning everyone its The Heretic here and I just wanted to let you that I'm sorry that there aren't any songs out yet but I promise you there will be I've been saving up to get a balisong aka a butterfly knife but after that I promise you all my money is going towards me getting a mic and another thing The Interlude, the Interlude is a sorta "secret" project I'm working on secret like you all know I'm doing it but you don't know what it is but yeah anyways The Interlude only 2 more days

Some News

Hey everyone Its The Heretic and I just wanted to let you know that there will be a couple new T-Shirts coming out soon, well later today and I will be getting a mic soon (hopefully) also my good friend Dark Angel is gonna be on a lot of my tracks and hopefully soon she will make a account on here and a page on Facebook so I'll let you all know when she does that if she does well I talk to you all later PEACE!!!

Back to my roots and Back to work

Hello Everyone its me The Heretic and I finally got some sleep and now Im getting back to work so If I can sound proof my room then I can record stuff faster or I'll just get a mic but new tracks coming soon

The past couple of days

Hello everyone It's me The Heretic and well these past few days I haven't had any sleep I've been awake for three straight days just brainstorming ideas for music videos, promos, song lyrics, song beats, and many other personal things but umm all the support is very well appreciated I might not upload songs for maybe a couple days I gotta just relax and take a few days off I guess just to get my head straight so I can release new music but I'll be back trust me and Im coming back harder, faster, and better than ever aight peace out fam talk to you soon


Hello everyone its Heretic and I just wanna let you know that I will be collabing with many people soon to name a few it will be Dark Angel, Demo Demon, Deathflare, and last but not least my bro my manager my home boy Zeak the Freak


Hello everyone I'm going to have to postpone the release date of "Ready For War". I'm not sure when the album will be released I've got to get a mic and finish the beats and write the lyrics and money is tight. But the album will be released for sure I wont let all of you down trust me. Be sure to like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Heretic/315538188482295?bookmark_t=page and buy my T-shirts it will really help.