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Outside Your Screen

In regard to my song Outside Your Screen. I wrote this song spur of the moment. I pressed the record button, played guitar off the top of my head, then came back on track 2 and improvised words on the fly. This is a songwriting exercise I like to do sometimes. The words to this tune are basically highlighting the current state of cell phone use while driving automobiles. I have been working as a bus driver again and my many hours seated up high on the road has led me to see a majority of drivers staring at cellphone screens. I remember society before cell phones and it has been interesting to watch this change occur. I just wish drivers would be more careful and drive outside their screens! Consideration and LOVE! -MB

Time Travel and Music?

Do I believe in time travel? Well in one respect I guess I do. It has always amazed me how many memories can get stored away in the human mind only to be resurfaced from hearing a song. When people say wow I haven't heard this song in a long time! "It really takes me back to a time" I imagine a good percentage of people have felt this way in their life. Certain songs have brought me to tears during times in my life, and when i hear those songs years later the waterfall of tears and emotion comes right back as if I was back in that same moment. What about music from generations prior to our birth. When I listen to Ma Rainy or Bessie Smith it feels like time travel because it's a piece of the past still vibrating in the space time continuum. I'm thankful that we have the means to continue enjoying music from the past and I believe there is much to be learned from what previous musicians have had to share.

Parenting and Music

I have met many women and men that have gave up writing and performing music because of parenthood. People I have known have different reasons and I can certainly relate to them. Now while I think giving your time and attention to your child is of most importance, I also think it's important to continue to make time for the interests you are passionate about. It's my personal opinion that it's good for children to see their parents continue with their interests. It's not always easy to find time, but if your passionate about something finding a healthy balance is always possible. Now that my son is three he likes to sing with me and bang on his little drum kit while we make up silly songs. I would be miserable a person without music in my life and I'm thankful that I can share such an amazing language and connection with my son.