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11-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: “just a gesture”

11-13-13-My Morning Thoughts: “just a gesture” I gave a guy 20 bucks the other day who was asking for some change for a cup of coffee and his eyes lit up and he was so very grateful. I never really gave that much money before although usually if I have some change I do oblige when the situation arises and it doesn’t look like a scam. Some may say I’m a sucker for doing such things some might say it’s just the right thing to do…anyway, while I was walking back to my car across the parking lot with my coffee in hand I opened my door, looked down and there was a 50 dollar bill sitting there all alone with no other people or cars around…life really makes you wonder sometimes why things happen the way they do…could it be devein intervention or fate, destiny, coincidence? Or it could have been that I just watched Willy Wonka (yes the original) last night for the 50th time…”so shines a good deed in a weary world”…plain and simple.

11-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Licensed for Freedom”

11-11-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Licensed for Freedom” I just couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license; I literately counted the days till my 16 birthday starting at my 15 birthday party! There was just something about the thought of the open road and on your own and…well…driving! Thoughts of having your own car and the power over what radio station to listen to and how loud you wanted to jam the music and anywhere you wanted to go at anytime…of course when you get your license what goes a long with it is…no car! So you wash your parents car so you can drive it for an hour or two then you clean your room for the first time so you can use the car for an hour or two then you do the dishes so you can use the car for an hour or two…then…you can’t use the car anyway cause you AINT GOT NO MONEY FOR THE GAS!!! No wonder why my parents were laughing at me from 15 to 16 every time I said I can’t wait to get my license!...plain and simple.

11-08-13-My Morning Thoughts:

11-08-13-My Morning Thoughts: There was a time when I had the world by the balls! I had my youth I had my great looks I had my flat stomach I had my quick reaction time I had my friends…oh wait, I still have my friends…thank god!...have a great weekend all…plain and simple.

11-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “PJ’s”

11-07-13-My Morning Thoughts: “PJ’s” When you’re young everybody sleeps with some kind of PJ’s on…when you grow up it’s your choice…I’m told the really elegant highly intellectual people sleep in their original birthday suit…just saying…plain and simple.

11-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: What really means the most?

11-06-13-My Morning Thoughts: What really means the most? Who ever felt like selling everything buying some land in the middle of nowhere and starting over? Build some cabins, farm the land, live as a community, share your talents, barter among each other, raise the children village style, and worship the earth and what it offers…ok let’s just say some of us said yes. I know I could do without a car, TV, and almost everything else of the material world’s luxury possessions but I could never give up or even think about relinquishing or comprehend not having my…fill in the blank if ya like____________________________________…plain and simple.

11-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Almost Presidential”

11-05-13-My Morning Thoughts: “Almost Presidential” If I say something stupid it doesn’t make me stupid does it? I hear a whole lot of stupid things on the news these days from politicians in congress as well as news media people and I was thinking that when I say something stupid it kind of levels me with a similar playing field being almost presidential in some sort of holier than now congressional minded way…some of these folks really need to listen a lot more intently before they speak…now don’t start yelling cause you may think I’m calling people stupid because I’m not…but we do say some stupid things sometimes…I know I do…plain and simple.

11-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Old Combs”

11-04-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Old Combs” Just got rid of all my combs from the 70’s, not sure why I had them all these years cause they obviously were just taking up space! I wonder if they were lonely or bored or felt unwanted. I mean I really wish I could have put them to better use but it is what it is I guess. Anyway, I have more room in the drawer to start some other kind of collection I won’t use for years I’m sure…very productive day…LOL!...plain and simple.

11-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: “les than 10% could answer these correctly”?

11-01-13-My Morning Thoughts: “les than 10% could answer these correctly”? We know its Friday right? We always know when it’s Friday…and everybody knows that Thomas Jefferson was the first president and that Christopher Columbus sailed from China to the Americas on the Titanic (before it sank) and that the model T Ford was invented by President Gerald Ford and that the west was won by Jim West & Art Gordon and that…never mind…at least we always know when its Friday…have a great weekend all and remember, even if you’re not reading about history your still making history…although reading a little about history helps a lot with making history…not sure that makes sense…I’ll read it latter tonight to see if I boarder on the fool or not this fine morning…which is very possible any given day…plain and simple.

10-31-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Halloween Baby”

10-31-13-My Morning Thoughts: “My Halloween Baby” I would just like to thank my in-laws for the wonderful job they did raising my wife to be the amazing woman she is…being born on Halloween and probably a witch (easy now…a good witch) that put a spell on me (a love potion #9 spell) that I hope never wears off by the way…because she takes my breath away every time I see her…and all the time and effort she makes to help others, others that she may not even know…goes way beyond the syllabus of life. Happy Birthday Carrie, you are one special lady and I’m so lucky to have you to share my life with…plain and simple.

10-30-13-My Morning Thoughts:

10-30-13-My Morning Thoughts: You know I get a lot of behind the scene messages and reply’s from my morning thoughts folks that are kept confidential because some just don’t like to put their opinions and feelings out there. They use my e-mail, text, phone, websites, twitter, YouTube and sometimes I get hand written notes in the mail box (now that last spot is kind a scary sometimes)…but I must say I totally respect their wishes and understand why they keep their opinions out of the mainstream but I am very grateful they share their thoughts with me too…under the mainstream, if you will. Whenever you can converse about things, discuss other issues, hear different opinions and learn from others, about their experiences and traditions…how-can-that-not-be-a meaningful path throughout life…well I think it is…and I thank you…plain and simple.