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07-23-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-23-15-My Morning Thoughts: I don’t know about you but I like the sunshine! It took quite a while but I think summer is finally here for real! Have a great day in the sun all, it’s good for the soul…but don’t forget the sunscreen…plain and simple.

07-21-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-21-15-My Morning Thoughts: So much going on these days I sometimes get lost and forget to be thankful of the moment. I’m fortunate that those I love never hold these “sometimes lost” moments against me…life is too short, as us older folks know already, however short it is means nothing when you enjoy each moment and try to be the best you can each and every day…have a great day all and try to say I love you as much as possible today...plain and simple.

07-14-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-14-15-My Morning Thoughts: Is it really that hard to be friendly, I think not…peace all…see how easy that was…plain and simple.

07-10-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-10-15-My Morning Thoughts: Creating things is the coolest…and my favorite thing to create you might ask, peace and love…have a great weekend all and enjoy taking it all in…plain and simple.

07-09-15-My Morning Thoughts: Cats in the Cradle?

07-09-15-My Morning Thoughts: Cats in the Cradle? Do you guys remember that old game cats in the cradle, my big sister use to make me play it all the time? She was really good at it and she always won no matter how hard I tried she had one more wining move. It was just a piece of yarn but at 6 or 7 years old it was a challenge…I’m not even sure if it was a real game or if she invented it cause I never heard of anyone else every playing it...either way it was fun trying to figure out the next move…oh those days that have gone by…I do reflect on them and treasure those days often…enjoy all the days my friends…plain and simple.

07-08-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-08-15-My Morning Thoughts: Why is it when I can’t sleep at night tossing and turning and getting up and going back to bed and finally falling to sleep right before the alarm goes off…that when I hit the snooze button and I can fall asleep between every snooze cycle of that alarm?...makes no sense at all!...oh well, time to start this day and do the best I can and be the best person I can and do the right thing…enjoy the day all…plain and simple.

07-02-15-My Morning Thoughts:

07-02-15-My Morning Thoughts: Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday, I deeply appreciate all the friendship both near and far…have a great day all!...plain and simple.

06-30-15-My Morning Thought

06-30-15-My Morning Thoughts: Smile…its easy…plain and simple.

06-25-15-My Morning Thoughts:

06-25-15-My Morning Thoughts: Reading to many mean spirited statements lately…it’s really not that hard to be nice… and remember that everyone you pass by today may not be in the same boat as you but they unquestionably share the same planet as you…peace everyone and have a great day…plain and simple.

06-19-15-My Morning Thoughts:

06-19-15-My Morning Thoughts: It’s a sad day when racism raises its horrific head. I pray for Charleston, I pray for the Carolina’s, I pray for the US and I pray for the world…and if prayers don’t work…I will always try to treat all people with respect and dignity through every encounter I have…plain and simple.