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09-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: Hit LIKE…please…

09-02-14-My Morning Thoughts: Hit LIKE…please… Today I could be rich!...well rich in my mind…LOL…I have a $100 bet going on how many people have read at least “one” post of my morning thoughts…if I win I’m putting my riches on a much needed banjo repair!...so if you can hit LIKE to accommodate it would be appreciated enormously!...I can hear that banjo playing again already…I hope…have a great day all and thanks for helping out…plain and simple.

08-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: UMU Senior Year

08-29-14-My Morning Thoughts: UMU Senior Year! University of Mount Union Women’s Volleyball, the senior year begins for my daughter Allison and her six other senior sisters tonight! They have been coined the “Magnificent Seven” because they all started together as freshman and…well let’s see…in these last three years they are 24-3 in their division, 83-20 overall and three straight NCAA bids! I could go on and on with records and stats but that really wouldn’t compare to the extended family those girls have become! Any success, though greatly deserved, is a minor triumph when compared to a lifetime of friendship they have championed!...have a great season ladies, I love you Allison and in case you didn’t know…I’m that crazy dad yelling from the top row cheering on your team!... Go Raiders!!!...plain and simple.

08-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT

08-28-14-My Morning Thoughts: TBT Did you guys have a JP Snodgrass store? I loved that store and bought my first of many albums there…listen to some music, any music…I promise you’ll like it…plain and simple.

08-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: garden

08-27-14-My Morning Thoughts: garden I have a small garden with hot peppers and tomato plants…if I had more room there would be more but never the less I love this time of year. There is nothing like picking a tomato ripe from the plant, because that taste is…exquisite to me…have a great day all…plain and simple.

08-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: Spin the Bottle

08-26-14-My Morning Thoughts: Spin the Bottle I was just wondering how many people played spin the bottle as kids like I did, how did we survive all those germs…LOL…I’m mean today they don’t even want us shacking hands anymore I can’t imagine what they would say about a good old fashion spin the bottle game…HA HA…don’t believe everything you hear…hug somebody, kiss somebody, shake their hand…it’s worth the risk!!...plain and simple.

08-25-14-My Morning Thoughts:

08-25-14-My Morning Thoughts: There are millions and millions of reasons why these United States are awesome!...unfortunately, so many times, those reasons don’t get the big ratings on TV!...plain and simple.

08-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Music or Words?

08-21-14-My Morning Thoughts: Music or Words? Over the years and years of listening to music whenever the question came up on which is more important, music or words, I always would reply; if you have some good words and it goes with some good music and people like the song what’s the difference which is more important…I know there’s an awful lot of songs with very few words or repeating words throughout the song that have been extremely successful. On the other end of that you might say there have been songs with a seamlessly endless amount of words with simple amounts of music that have been equally successful. Which is more important? Which side is right? Is there even a right answer?...its art anyway and sometimes you just have to let art flow over you an appreciate it at that moment. Some days I like music better and some days I like words so the most important part to me is which hits the mood at that specific moment in time and I would call that moment, my favorite…plain and simple.

08-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Kick-The-Can?

08-20-14-My Morning Thoughts: Kick-The-Can? I’m somewhat confused, as normal. When I played kick the can, the can was home base and the other team tried to get to it before you tagged them, and once you tagged them they were in jail until their teammates could get to the can and kick, so they were freed??? Did they change the rules or was I playing it incorrectly? I saw these kids actually trying to play this game the other day but they were playing more of a keep away type of game…well anyway, I guess I’m glad they were OUTSIDE trying to play something because little do they know it, those days come and go so quickly!...enjoy…plain and simple.

08-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: A little Sad

08-19-14-My Morning Thoughts: A little Sad The new polls say (and this is the big poll takers) that 75% of the parents feel that they will “not” be able to leave their children better off than they had it. This hurts me tremendously and that’s all I can say about that!...except, I’m still trying…plain and simple.

08-18-14-My Morning Thoughts:

08-18-14-My Morning Thoughts: At what age do parents not have to wake up their children in the morning? Is there a specific age? Maybe after college, maybe after they get there first full time job, maybe we should get them an alarm clock while there still in grade school? I don’t know, I use to love when my mom got me up in the morning to get going and make my lunch…maybe that’s where this whole thing started?...GET UP ITS MONDAY!!...plain and simple.