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"Addicted" by Sevad is a Potential Hit!

(Kingston, Jamaica 01-05-11) Ever since the release of his current single, “Addicted” Steven “Sevad’ Davis has been getting the thumbs up from radio jocks, music lovers and well wishers alike. The single, a creative hip-hop/reggae fusion first got some media attention by popular jocks, ZJ Liquid and Bambino on local ZIP 103FM station before requests started pouring in from other local and international djs for download. ‘Addicted’ the artiste explained, is a song that was created instantaneously upon hearing the rhythm and the end result is impressive. High points on this track are the clarity in the artiste voice, his unique style and sound plus a trendy rhythm to compliment some catchy lyrics of course the chords are on key and the mix and mastering on point. One can quickly identify a potential hit when an artiste is able to capture the attention of fans almost immediately upon hearing a song. Fans are usually attracted to a particular sound whether by the artiste or the rhythm. Being able to manipulate skills so often used by popular artistes Vybz Kartel and Movado on a track suggests that Sevad has set a high standard for his self and it is left to be seen if he can first get to the top and when does, able to hold on. Sevad’s music are available for download, to purchase directly from Sevad’s Store click http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_235573 Songs available include Give It Up, Gimmi Di Lovin feat Teknykal, Addicted and Never Look Back.

Introducing Reggae Artiste Sevad and new single Addicted!

He resides in the rural parish of Manchester and wears many hats, entrepreneur, producer, artiste manager, band leader turned soloist. Steven “Sevad’ Davis has dropped a new single entitle, ‘Addicted’, a creative hip-hop/reggae fusion that inadvertently has an effect on its listener almost immediately after hearing it. So it came as no surprise when popular local jocks known to have ‘keen ears for potential hits” such as ZJ Liquid and Bambino started playing the song consistently during their radio airtime slots. Sevad is a young Jamaican whose distinctive appearance of Indian descent is a significant contributory factor to his striking good looks complimented by long dreadlocks and a childish smile. A lover of music in general, his lifelong dream is to become an established International Reggae Artiste. Already exposed to good attributes the business offers by way of touring with the Step by Step Band, a group he was introduced to by a friend and worked with for a few years before taking the decision to go solo. Sevad’s journey begins now, spearheaded by manager Sanjay ‘Freeze’ Pennant a well know producer who also resides in Mandeville. When asked what inspired him to pen the lyrics to “Addicted”, Sevad explained that he actually recorded the song one night after having a little too much liquor to drink. In a reflective mood, he smiled as he recalled and further explained how he had left his home studio to have a few drinks and on his return, Freeze (his manger) told him to listen the beat, (trendy and up tempo rhythm sounds he would usually reject in favour of his authentic Reggae preference) and in that instance he recorded the song. Addicted, “is everybody song” says Sevad, “its fun and a real club banger”. Plans are now afoot for the production of a video for the song as well as an all out promotional campaign to officially introduce Sevad to Reggae fans. To listen, “Addicted” click http://soundcloud.com/currency/sevad-addicted-cd-master