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Studio Tracks

The studio tracks just arrived, and they are up! Hope you like them!

Recording Studio, and other updates

Hey Everyone! We just got out of the recording studio yesterday with 3 new songs recorded: Beyond Redemption, Revolution 4 Sale, and Willful Ignorance.

Jay will hopefully update the Facebook page with the many pics he took of yesterday's events. As soon as we get the master copies back from our sound engineer we will throw them up online at Reverbnation and Facebook for streaming, and Spotify and iTunes for download. I say this without ego...these songs are SLAMMING, and we really had a blast recording them. I hope you guys enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy playing them.

Our next show date is July 21st at the Coppertop for a Modified Dolls charity event. Please come and donate to support a troop overseas. We are playing with The Dirty Swagger, and Local Orbit. This will be an amazing show, and all the bands are playing for free...so again, please come and show support for our troops and your local music scene.

Also, we just got asked to be on a Southeastern Punk Rock Compilation Album that a promoter in Chattanooga is putting together to send out all over the country. We are super honored and excited about this!

We are still focusing on writing a couple more tunes to add to our lineup, which is why we haven't been playing quite as many shows and normal lately...but I promise that it's only so that we can put the most effort that we can towards writing. We know you guys don't want to hear the same stuff over and over again! We look forward to hitting it hard again once we have a couple more songs completed. We hope to make you guys proud.

Thanks so much for supporting C$U and making our music careers so enjoyable...you guys keep us going.


Saturday June 2nd @ Planet Avalon

Sadly the Commonwealth of American Natives and Random Conflict have had to cancel due to illness. Our friends the Casket Kids and Apathy Disorder are stepping up to keep the show rolling in style! See you there!

Black Water Hattie's Show last night

We had a great time rocking out with The Casket Kids at Black Water Hattie's last night...the crowd was super cool and we are so so thankful that you guys came out to support 2 of your local punk bands to get the punk scene back up and running. We can't do anything without the fans. So keep coming to the shows, drink up, tip your bartender/waitress well, and let them know that you DEMAND to keep hearing local punk rock!

Thanks to Casket Kids!

We appreciate you guys inviting us to join you at Black Water Hattie's, it's going to be a blast working with you again!

New Songs, Recording Notes.

We have finished our two newest songs "Willful Ignorance", and "Revolution For Sale". About our recording methodology, obviously the tracks you hear were not done in a studio. They are recorded LIVE in a garage. We do not multi-track. The only thing we add later is the vocals due to microphone bleed-over from the instruments. What you hear is a true representation of the band in it's most basic form.

New Songs

We just completed one new original and are very close to completing another...once we get them recorded we will post them. Thanks!

2 show dates upcoming

We recently got put on the bill for a 2 day punk festival in decatur and a show in florence in the near future...check back later for date confirmation.

Apathy Disorder
Apathy Disorder  (about 6 years ago)

Is there any more room on the bill for the festival?

Recording and Booking shows

That's it at the moment. We are working on writing and recording new material to build up our arsenal of face melting melodies. Be on the look out for our show dates so you can come watch and hang out with us!