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New Fan Vid from Kenny Sikorski!

More beautiful fractal work from Kenny on "Ain't Nobody Home"! Have a look-see! Beautiful work. Thank you, Kenny!

New Fan Vid - "Dive" by Kenny Zz Sikorski

Check out this beautiful fractal work! I love this. Thanks, Kenny!!

Be sure to check out all our videos on YouTube through g.nome's page on ReverbNation, www.reverbnation.com/geenome

Brand New g.nome Video!!

Check out Jean-Baptiste Collinet's latest creation as the visual half of g.nome, with this beautiful visual for the instrumental piece, "Dive." Like and Share!!!!!

Get Caught Up!

A lot has happened at O.P., and in the artistic life of Victor Penniman, aka g.nome! If you've been keeping up with the status posts, then you already know this. But come check out the blog at Ormesby Productions.com! Here's the link:


Please join the discussion, and leave your comments!



New Blog Post at Ormesby Productions

A new blog entry is available at Ormesby Productions! Moving Forward, Part II, begins to challenge current modes of music education in the U.S., and takes a swipe at some other "sacred cows" as well. Enjoy a hamburger on me!!


New Blog Post at Ormesby Productions

Moving On, Part I, is now available for your consideration and comments at http://www.ormesbyproductions.com/blog/index.html. Please weigh in! This is, IMHO, important stuff...

New Blog Post at Ormesby Productions!!

"The Audience Problem Part VI" is available and ready for your comments!! Please come by and have a read. This blog is exploring the deep causes of the current crisis in music and the arts generally, and will search the depths of history to find possible solutions to make our art viable and sustainable. http://www.ormesbyproductions.com/blog/index.html

The Audience Problem Part V

New blog post at Ormesby Productions! You can read it here: http://www.ormesbyproductions.com/blog/index.html I hope you'll weigh in with your comments and ideas!!

g.nome debut

So very grateful for the opportunity to debut g.nome in its actual form last night. MANY thanks to MBird and Michael Andrew Smith, and the Uptown Arts Bar for inviting and featuring me, to William Saunders for a KILLER rendition of "Chakra Chaser", from our upcoming album, and to all my wonderful friends who came out to support!!

The Audience Problem Part IV

New blog entry at Ormesby Productions! Please weigh in and continue the discussion! http://www.ormesbyproductions.com/blog/index.html