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Eisenhauer Band / Blog

Sing like a little Frikkin' Birdie!

We’re too cheap to buy television at our house. Truth is, were not really home enough during the warmer months, which is in our neck of the woods from about April to November, to watch much TV, so we figured we would save about 80$ a month and just have Netflix. Netflix is only about $10 a month, and there’s more stuff on there than we would ever have time to watch. However, this is not live TV, so we have to go to my mom’s to watch American Idol or the Super Bowl, otherwise we just to watch a lot of movies, documentaries and reruns.

One time Amelia and I were having a “chick flick” night, and watched this movie called Revenge of the Bridesmaids. There was one particular line where Raven Symone sneers “If she wants me to sing like a frikkin’ bird, maybe she should go out and buy a frikkin’ bird!!” Amelia latched on to this phrase, it’s kind of like our little inside joke. Sometimes I’ll tell her to go out there and sing “like a little frikkin’ bird” or she will tell me she is /is not going to sing like, well you get the picture. It’s interesting how our kids can remember so much dialogue from movies they watched once and can forget lyrics to songs they have sang many, many times…..and brain fart right there on stage, or on live radio shows. Guess it just comes with the territory.

I spend a lot of time with my kids, we sing together, travel together, perform together, we home school too. When you spend this much time together, you get to know each other on a different level, and for us it has seemed to grow into dark humor and inside jokes. Life is funny, and if you can’t laugh at it, it gets a more than a little stressful. The problem is, not everyone understands our dark humor! People would probably wonder what she meant if they overheard her tell me she “wasn’t gonna sing like a little frikkin bird”. They would probably get the wrong impression, I’m afraid. It’s hard to have dark humor and not look bad.

For example, we named our cat Stupid. Stupid is, unlike Taylor Swift's cat, nothing special, no fancy breed, we didn’t get her at a pet store, in fact Andy found her in a tree. She was shaggy, skinny and dirty, obviously a stray. So we took her in, as we have done for many stray animals, with the intent of finding her a home, but she stayed. We tend to get to know our pets before we name them. To us Stupid is an endearing name, and it was well earned….perhaps it should have been bestowed on other family members but I’ll keep that to myself. Our sweet kitty has a habit of chewing wires, preferably ear bud wires. To date she has destroyed two sets of Skull Candy ear buds and several pairs of earphones, one of them being a nice Yamaha set that came with our electric piano. So, if people hear us refer to her lovingly as “Stupid” they would probably think it’s a rather nasty name for a pet. However, I think we are really referring to ourselves, since we have the reasoning to understand the cat has this problem and yet we still leave things out we know she will chew! The cat, on the other hand is truly clueless, so I forgive her.

Dark humor helps us keep our sense of humor, find the funny and keep us from killing each other when things get too serious. Amelia might tease Andy relentlessly over something he said or did, but lord help the other person who thinks they can do the same. On the surface folks might get the impression that they don’t get along very well, they do. She’s very protective of her younger brother. So, while they may be slap boxing and name calling, and generally making me look bad as a parent, that’s just another side of the dark humor that exists in our family.

We don’t strive for what’s really not obtainable, as in perfection. We strive to be ourselves….off and on stage. We love to laugh and try to never take ourselves too seriously….when the fun stops, so does the music. We can’t let that happen can we?

Have a Good Gig!! Rhonda

Bill Benway
Bill Benway  (almost 2 years ago)

Keep up the great work!!!! I want to hear (and see)
much more from you. Come tp neorthern NY B-)