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Life of a Song

The top five songs here are all from the new release, Life of a Song. Two are available for download. Please have a listen. Release dates to be announced SOON! All tracks were recorded live in the studio.

Life of a Song

I've just uploaded two new songs from the forthcoming release Life of a Song. These two tracks, Be With Me and Who Shot Rock n Roll are featured cuts on the new album. The songs were recorded at Sweet 16 Studios located in Cornville, Arizona. Engineered by Gregg Tauriello. The tunes were cut live in the studio with vocals and Martin acoustic guitar. Release dates to be announced soon. Enjoy the new songs!

Sedona is the New Joint

Bye, bye New York City. Here I am now out in the wild West. It's great too. From the Village of Oak Creek the red rocks stand tall and amazing, and besides all that there is a bunch of music here! I am now on the boards once a month at the Full Moon Saloon and quickly rounding up other spots and dates. Who knows I may even keep this blog on the front burner. Rockin' in Arizona!

Been a While

It's true but I'm still here. The Cost arrived like I knew it would and is rippling across the universe. Thanks to all involved in helping to create this fine CD: Sand Edwards, Mark Meisel, Bob Becker and Mike Stephens.

Right now I'm concentrating on performing my solo gigs here in New York City but anxious to hit the road as well.

This summer I will be recording a batch of new songs in downtown Manhattan. It's going to be a live studio recording. Few overdubs, if any. Looking forward to a mucho productive 2010!

Special thanks to all my long time fans who have been SO supportive over the long haul...

March 7, 2010.