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Life's Challenges

Roughly 2.5 years ago I was bitten by a tick while hiking in Wisconsin. The resulting Lyme disease brought on challenges that changed my approach and thoughts regarding life. Luckily, I have been able to play music and continue developing and writing; however, I have not been present in the online community. Additional good news is that I am recovering and building back up my strength. Thank you to all the great people that have continued to visit Jeff Harvey Songs and listen to our music. We are well over 25K in number of times on RN a song has been played and the number is more than double when including my private site jeffharveysongs.com. Over the coming days, weeks, and months I would like to engage in dialogue regarding the legacy that we are leaving here in our world. From a very early time in my career I have mixed my focus with what I thought might be popular and the message that I believe we must face (Confusion, More, New Day Dawning..etc). The future for our children and of the human race is bigger and more important than we often give thought and action for. Rather than continue with the same arguments, which seems to be the trend in our deeply divided world, I choose to rise above and continue to demonstrate through action, behaviors that will contribute in a positive way. So enough for today and wishing all a wonderful and prosperous day.

Forever Dangerous Demo

Our friend Chris Fisher recorded a version tailoring more as if the King of Pop was recording the song. We think this short demo is an added dimension of Forever Dangerous and hope that you enjoy the track.

Forever Dangerous

About a half a year ago we met Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson's lead guitarist) and we ended up writing a song as a tribute to the King of Pop. When Chris Pitha and I started working the song I imagined opening up and receiveing a message from the cosmos but all that happened is that Michael's message came into my heart. This song is intended to illuminate these philosophies in a time when the world needs hope and determination to change for the good of generations to come. Globalization is not about finding the cheapest place to produce products and giving the minimum wage to people and families that are struggling, but rather on uniting all for a purpose far beyond those limited to the confines of our mother planet. Our future lies within the earth, planets, and stars that the great creator has provided. Our future remembers our humble roots at the river Jordan and through metamorphoses connects to the farthest reaches of our Universe. A shift of broader thinking gives life to the possibility of opportunity for all and a place for all visions and cultures to thrive together through tolerance and love. By uniting, the human race stands to blossom holistically, societally, and at the very roots of the family and individual.

Where is Jeff?

I have spent little time on RN of any of the social media for the past two months. I have been working on my dissertation, the craft of music, and my health over this time and have not had time for social networking. It is unfortunate because the value of SN is high; however, the cost is losing touch with the actual life that is occuring in our world and Universe. We are at a time in history where I believe the human race is more confussed than ever and it dawns on me that discussions about how to solve our problems aren't even occuring because we are so caught up arguing over idealogies. When I was very young my father told me he had a vision of me helping people to see the bridge that connects diversity. Suddenly, music became only one mechanism for such thoughts. I would like to engage in meaningful discussion with anyone interested in discussing solutions because the future for our children and our race is uncertain unless we unify for a vision and mission or worthy purpose.

Exciting Future

Well folks, no more delays, no more excuses, I must finish my dissertation! Music is such a wonderful mechanism for connecting, communicating, and understanding the experiences of our fellow passengers on this lovely planet. If I am slow to respond it is not because I do not listen but rather that my plate is full and I must savor every moment.

New Release On The Way

We are putting the final changes on a new release called “I Need You” and expect to unveil the song over the next few days. We recorded the tracks on March 27. The tracks contain vocals from Chris McRae, sax from James McRae, drums by Chris Pitha, and yours truly on the keys. The basic chords and melodies of the song were competed several years ago; however, Chris Pitha and I have been working with the arrangement and we are excited about the final product to come. The brothers McRae provide a wonderful dimension to the performance. Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

The History and Making of “It’s Better to be Happy”

Music: Jeff Harvey Lyrics: Steve Wagner It’s Better to be Happy is an uplifting and positive song written by Jeff Harvey and Steve Wagner. The premise of the libretto suggests the one should find peace and happiness within and trust the creator with purpose of life. Jeff Harvey and the Band of Brothers recorded the song on March 26th, 2013. The Band of Brothers is comprised of Jeff Harvey, Chris Pitha, Chris McRae, and James McRae. The following is a bit of background behind the participants in writing and performing the work. Chris McRae (Lead Vocals) is a gifted music student at the University of Stevens Point. Chris plays the trombone, drums, guitar, piano, and sings. Chris also is majoring in Jazz and Theatre. Chris has a pure sound in his voice and is perfectly suited for the lead vocals. James McRae (Sax and Background Vocals) is also a gifted musician. James’ versatility finds him playing saxophone, guitar, piano, and vocals. James attended Marquette University as a Music Major. James is also a performer with the Swingtime Big Band in Appleton, WI. The Swingtime Big Band is one of the most popular 20 piece orchestras in the Fox Cities area. The two brothers, Chris and James, blend nicely in the lead and background vocals. Jeff Harvey (Keyboards) is an experienced songwriter and composer. Jeff has written hundreds of songs and, as CEO of Jeff Harvey Songs LLC, is in the process of producing the music for publication and enjoyment of both participants and listeners. Chris Pitha (Drums) is an accomplished percussionist. Chris enjoys jazz fusion; however, is multi-faceted as demonstrated in his ability to adapt to many styles of music. Steve Wagner (Lyrics) is a Doctor of Philosophy having attended the University of Michigan. Steve is a positive soul and often writes lyrics associated with one’s ability to look on the bright side while giving the best effort for the betterment of humankind. The four performers are all related in some way, a story for another blog, and this gave rise to the name “Band of Brothers”. The basic tracks of the song were recorded in the infamous “Drum Shack” located in Arizona. Sax and vocals were completed at the offices of Jeff Harvey Songs LLC. We are proud to present It’s Better to be Happy to the world.

It’s a Beautiful Life

With the headlines the way they are today, one could spend time concerned with the future of humankind and certainly, that is a concern; however, music has been a salvation for me throughout my lifetime and now with the resurgence of creativity, I am enjoying life to the fullest. I no longer have the time or the proclivity to focus on those events that I cannot control. Instead, creativity, health, and self-development are at the core of my vision and mission. Chris Pitha and I have recorded hundreds of hours of material and we are sifting through and learning from the good performances and from the opportunities. In addition, I have lost 85 lbs over the past 6 months and now feel fantastic. Finally, I am nearing completion of my doctorate and am looking forward to applying the research techniques necessary for the program to every aspect of my life and business. I am thankful for your friendship and support and hope that you have a peaceful, happy, and fruitful life. I am glad that you are a part of the world and hope that you can embrace this moment for it is truly all that we have.

Jeff Harvey

Red Owl Show in Tempe

Chris Pitha and I had a wonderful time playing the show (8/25) at the Red Owl. We had quite a few friends and fans show up to support us and about 150 total listeners in attendance while we performed our set. The crowd was engaged and appreciative of the effort. We would like to share many thanks to our friends and fans for supporting us. Special thanks to Dave Aston of Afton Concerts and Ryan (soundman) for supporting the effort. We really enjoyed the opportunity. Also many thanks to the other entertainers that shared their talent. It was a great show!

The Making of 13th South

Chris Pitha and I have known each other and have been working together for many years. We co-wrote a song called 13th south. We just completed a live version of the song on posted it for your listening pleasure. It is an exciting work with some great musical parts that take virtuoso technique on both the drums and keyboards to play. I really hope you have a chance to listen and enjoy. Thanks for your support!