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Three Simple Rules / Blog


This weekend was a wonderful weekend. We started it out with a show at Lulu's in Watertown. I don't know what it is about Lulu's but we absolutely LOVE playing there. I am pretty sure if it ain't the people it's the food. I could be either, but I'm mostly sure it's the people. We have a awesome friend who had a troubled night. I hope things turned out OK, but for me I just had a blast that night. Jill sang with us again for the first time in a couple of shows, but she had to sit on a stool the entire night. Thank goodness for low stools with padded seats. The next afternoon we had a show at Alfonzo's. It was pretty busy for the most part, what with it being Mother's Day and all. Once again Jill sang with us, but not for the entire show. She's working on it, y'all. I think the best part was when we got home our nasty kitchen was "SPIT SHINED!" Thanks to our youngest daughter, Gracy. Mom was completely jazzed! Good day.

Moving On!!

On Wednesday March 25, Jill went in for another back surgery. She had an electrical spinal stimulator implanted in her back. Hopefully this will help things a bit. She seems to be feeling better as far as pain goes but it isn't doing anything for her stability, yet. I know these doctors can only do so much, but this time I think we have found a doctor who seems to want to help. My fear is that if it doesn't do anything for her stability she may have to step down again. JES and I have held it together as a duo before and we can (and will) again as long as JES is interested in doing it, or until she takes a real interest in writing. When that happens I think I may step down too and nurse Jilly around. I want to make sure JES has a steady stream of original music that suits her. I think I am going to teach her more about getting involved in that aspect of what we do. Not because I have any great desire to quit, but because she needs that expansion, and it just may become necessary. Would appreciate everyone's prayers for Jill's relief and that she can continue doing what we love to do so much. You guys make it all worth it.

The "C" word!

The day after a show at the Moose Lodge. We were invited by brother Mickey Gannon to assist with the music for a cancer benefit for such a beautiful lady. We were introduced to her but all I can think of right now is Audrey. We were proud to be there simply for her, but playing music was a gas too. We shared the stage with lots of great performers. Dave Bauder of The Boomers was there playing harmonica, Mickey played drums all night, Gary & Ricky of the Leonard Brothers. Band were there and performed, Shelby Lee Lowe got up and sang a few songs for us and then Three Simple Rules sneaked in there in the middle. We had a real blast. Although Audrey could not make the entire night, there was a lot of money raised for her cause. While the "C" word generally stands for CANCER, when musicians get involved it could just as easily be "CONCERT, CONTRIBUTIONS, CARING..." or any number of good things that generous people can provide. Thanks to all who participated. Thanks to Mickey for inviting us. Thanks to the Moose Lodge for hosting this great event. Perhaps we can get a benefit scheduled for another great cause soon. We already have one in mind. Now, Mrs. Jill is still with us and things are working out great. She has a surgery scheduled for Monday morning to implant a spinal stimulator for pain control. She may be out for a show or two but she will be right back. Don't start missing her, she won't be gone that long.

New Changes, New Things!!

On December 28th we played at Alfonso's and Jill sat in with us and did several songs. The next Sunday she sat in the entire show with us and has been back with us since. We are proud to have her back even with the minor compensations involved. Just wanted to take the time this morning to announce it officially. By the way, ya'll check out Jes' Facebook page to get a sneak peek at her new solo career.

New Direction

06/06/2014 Last night at Reveille Joe Coffee Co. Three Simple Rules went through some changes. They were not the kind of changes that we wanted to undergo, but it was awesome to see the support from folks who came out to share it with us. First, the city kicked off it's Music on the Square concert season so the square was packed with folks. It was so nice to see the ones who were there when we started playing either stuck around to see our show or kept returning to hear more throughout the night. It was so nice to see fellow musicians who had no interest in the activities on the square come out to support us. Our hearts are full of love and respect for those of you who came through the door, got their orders and found a place to settle and listen. JES celebrated her birthday last night with at least 2 cakes that everyone who came in was welcome to share, and did so. BTW, JES I need my PYREX cutting board back as soon as the cake is gone. Second, my beautiful wife Jill, who has always been my #1 fan, who has supported me for 28 years through my musical endeavors, Who has performed with me on stage off and on for much of that 28 years stepped down to become our #1 fan again. Her heart couldn't be more into what we do but her health refuses to agree. Last night was her last show with us. There was plenty of room to sit, then there was SRO and it kept going back and forth. As soon as one group would leave another came in to take their place. We must have done something right because the tip jar certainly reflected it. The coo-degrade, however was the end of the show. JES and I did the final set as a duo to warrant the moment and performed several new covers we have been working on. The very last song of the night was a cover of a song written in 1926 by David Lee and Billy Rose called "Tonight You Belong To Me". We got it from the movie "The Jerk" where it was performed by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. The response was one of those that artists dream of. We received love and applause all night but, maybe it was the song, maybe it was the performance and maybe it was the fact that it was the last number of the night, but the house erupted. Those are the moments we, as entertainers live for. I know I heard individual screams, whistles, applause, yells and right in the middle of it all the sound swirled into this one sound that said to me "we're not done yet." Oh, we were done for the night, but as Three Simple Rules we got a lot more to do before we're done. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone who showed up to make last night so special. Thanks to those members of Three Simple Rules who sit in the crowd at every show and continue to come back and especially to those who were in the room at the moment of that last applause. That is what we dream of. That is what keeps us doing what we do. We love to see your faces.

Sincerely "Pops" Jones


While we have the services of Wilt Video Production available to us guess what we are going to be doing today? No, go ahead. Guess. You can do it, guess. Guess! GUESS! We are shooting our 1st video that isn't a performance video. We are shooting "Bindlestiff's Lament" because it is the title cut of our first CD. Won't tell you much about the video, only that along with the song it tells a great story. I am very proud of the ideas we have all brainstormed and I think we have the story line down. Can't wait to get started today. You guys pray for us and think about us while we are doing this today. It is a very important step for us because it will provide us with a very necessary tool for the future.

Thanks a heap ~Pops~

Fanatics & New Recording...

Last Saturday night we had the wonderful opportunity to play Fanatics Sports Bar inside the Double Tree Hilton Hotel on Old Fort Parkway in the Boro. This was a cool show for us and I hope those who were present enjoyed it as much as we did. We had all kinds of friends to show up and made some new friends. Couple of new FB "Likes" out of the deal. We want to thank Ryan for having us out and the staff at the club for making us feel at home. Thanks to the ladies at the front desk for the cookies. They were a perfect (after) midnight snack. We will be back at Fanatics on April 11. Come see us there. Also be on the look-out for three new songs to hit our playlist real soon. We have started recording our 2nd CD and 3 cuts are almost done. For those of you who have told me before that "If You Believe" should have made the CD, well, it made the 2nd one and it is one of the songs that we are going to post. Be on the look-out.

Keep an eye out here and on FB to find when and where we are playing and if you have a party or event you need music for, give us a call. It doesn't seem like it, but we are now into our 4th year as 3*SR. Thanks to Jill & JES for tolerating me for so long in this capacity. I know I am hard to work with. Those of you who follow us, keep following and we will try to make it worth your while.


I was just wondering if everyone had made up their minds what they were going to do this coming Saturday night? I happen to know, and I have it on good authority that Three Simple Rules will be at Fanatics on Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro, TN that night. In case you are not familiar, Fanatics is in the Double Tree Hotel. Don't miss this show! We have some of your favorites ready as well as over a set of new material mixed in. Mark it down and set your watches. Three Simple Rules at Fanatics this Saturday night (2/8/14) from 9 to midnight.

3*SR 2014

It has really been a rough winter. We watched the activities of a popular local booking agent and were enamored by his system. Finally we were able to contact him and play a couple of really cool shows through him. We played "Antique Archaeology" and a popular Franklin writers night and had a blast on both occasions. We met lots of wonderful musicians, as we always do, but on this occasion we ended up with a flu virus that has taken us this long to beat. Right after that Jill got sick and JES and I had to do a duet at Sammy B's in Lebanon (sorry Jon, but thanks for understanding). Then JES was sick and Jill and I had to pull a duet. (once again at Sammy B's, and once again thanks for understanding, Jon). On Dec, 20 we had a Christmas show scheduled for the residents at the Rutherford Co. Journeys Community Assisted Living Home at which Jill had a relapse and JES was still sick so I pulled the first full solo in 25 years. It went well, but Finally it was my turn. I fell hard. I mean I crashed like a blind roofer. I am so proud that the residents had such a great time but I have been sick ever since. After a rest and a short time off we are back at it. We have a show at Lulu's this coming Saturday night and we have been preparing for it with break neck zeal. Lulu's is in for a treat. We have a brand new show and can't wait for you to hear it. Also once again thanks to Jon Boyce at Sammy B's in Lebanon for understanding and working with us through this time. We owe Sammy B's a peek at this new show. Thanks to Uncle Don Clark for covering for us at Sammy B's on January 4th. It would have been our first show of the new year but we were all down for the count. For those of you who have never seen Uncle Don, make sure you do some time this year. He is a real icon in Middle Tennessee and can be found here on ReverbNation. So There you have it. We were gone, but now we're back. A little late, a little lighter, a little more gray headed, but we're back! Come see us!! Your first look at the new show will be Saturday night, January 11th at Lulu's in Watertown. What a great place to see Three Simple Rules!!!

FIAT BandPrix

Well, the voting is officially closed and the tally is made. Unfortunately, 3*SR did not get enough votes to qualify. Could be the roll of the dice and then again it might have something to do with the link on FaceBook not working properly (which would be my fault). Either way, here is what we gained in the contest:

10 downloads delivered to new & existing fans 3 shares of our song: "What's A Girl To Do"

Thank you for participating! Winning is nice, but winning with our fans is a whole lot better. We gained 4 new fans during this contest and that means a bigger 3*SR family for us. Thank you all for supporting us and for supporting "INDY" music and musicians.


P.S. Come back soon to the FIAT USA Facebook page to see which of our fellow Reverb Nation musicians will win a national TV appearance on VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown, airing on December 14th!