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Old CD

Six String Highway is two years old! Time flies but what about something new? Well...we've been working on some stuff and have a nice little collection of new songs that we are excited about! We will definitely be showing off some of those songs at our shows that we have coming up so hopefully we'll catch you out there! We are also ofcourse working on trying to get recording the new stuff soon too! Hope to see ya'll at some of our shows this spring and summer! Until then take care!

Clifton, the CBB

New CD!

Well we're coming close to having this thing out already so our friends, family, and fans will finally have their hands on a copy of it! Thanks for the patience guys! We hope to be playing more live shows soon in and around the parkland, but we'll keep you posted. You can also check us out at www.myspace.com/chrisbarkerband02