My Tribal Roots (2015)


01 - The Bedtime Story - Interlude 02 - Pangazou Headhunt Raider 03 - I Know How To Sumazau - Interlude 04 - Throw Your Hands in The Air (Original Mix) 05 - Pirate Invasion - Interlude 06 - Can't Stop The Sumazau 07 - Mission to the Interior - Interlude 08 - Saputangan Keningau (Remix) 09 - Heartbroken Dusun Princess 10 - Guangku Mangkakada (Remix) 11 - Sumandak Virtues - Interlude 12 - Ika NOh Butia 13 - Pisompuruan Gathering - Interlude 14 - Spend Time With Me 15 - Your Heritage is your Culture - Interlude Bonus Tracks 16 - I'm Leaving You 17 - Throw Your Hands in The Air (Club Mix) 18 - Can't Stop The Sumazau (Rocking Mix) 19 - She's Just Teasin

My Final KO's : Webley, Herbert, Pairin & Masidi !


2 TKOs (Totally Knock Out) and 1 White Towel




Dtk Masidi Manjun: A case of the Vegetarian commenting a Satay Seller...

Dtk Masidi Manjun: A case of the Vegetarian commenting a Satay Seller...

I had a rare opportunity this afternoon to speak to a most meticulous friend whom happen to be a veteran of almost everything you can think of under the sun.

I was told that to produce good quality satay, you need fresh and good cuts of meat marinated in assortment of spices before it can be grilled over the right amount of charcoal & grilled in a precise time.

An exquisite, product can demand a handsome price. In other words, in basic economy, there must be a good demand in terms of good money being paid before a good supply can be produced.

If you pay only 50cents per satay stick, don't expect to get a rm2 worth satay.

This analogy was given to me by a friend in regards to Dtk Masidi Manjun's call to Sabah producer/directors/artisans to 'tingkatkan kualiti' of our products. And my friend further said that if the customer who doesn't pay for satay, do not have the right to demand for a better quality from the satay seller.

In other words, Dtk Masidi Manjun is best described as a vegetarian who says that the satay produced is not a good quality.

"If the customer who does not pay for satay but wants to taste it for free, he does not have the right to demand for a better quality from the satay seller."

So its now 3-0. Over to you now.

Dear DPM Muhy...

Dear DPM Muhy, We the artisan community of Sabah are already so poor. How are we going to pay our airfare, hotel & food just to meet up with Rais Yatim in Kuala Lumpur? If you still have an ounce of sympathy for us, it is he who has to come here and meet us. We are not greedy people. What we are asking or the return of what rightfully belongs to us. And that is Saluran 3, our TV station. What more, with the fact that it was our state government that funded the construction of the transmitters which are still being used today by even the commercial tv stations. Saluran 3 is the lifeblood of Sabah’s artisan in film & tv.

When Saluran 3 was approved by the late PM Razak, our CM Mustapha built the transmitters in the remotest areas of the virgin jungles. The highest one was built on the majestic Mount Kinabalu which took helicopters to transport metal frames of the antenna to ensure that Sabahans enjoy television. In contrast to CM Mustapha’s efforts, Tun Razak’s administration of Malaya never had the money to fund Sabah’s TV. It was Sabah that funded Saluran 3. Already Sabah film-makers have not been given opportunity to portray our own style & indigenous language on national TV, the Sabah allocated airtime slot is instead given to Malaya based production houses & Malayan actors to portray our indegenous identity. With the fact that actors could not speak our local lingo and colloquial; our portrayals on national TV became non-existent. As DPM, do you know that there are 72 ethnic & subtribes in Sabah? How can Sabahans then be portrayed by RTM as just a single identity - Kadazans?

Mr.DPM, not only are you reaping benefits from fixed deposits that my fellow Sabahans have given to the Najib administration, 95% of our oil was taken away well! Don’t you think that giving back our TV station is much easier? Okay lah, you can keep our Saluran 3. But, we want Saluran 4, 5 & 6! While this issue is directed at Angkasapuri, I wish to inform that Rais Yatim has not only to buck up but also to remind our state tourism minster to really do his job to fulfill his promise to introduce a scale of remunerations for performance by local artisans. So, DMP Muhy, while you are still here in Sabah doing public relation work, please be reminded that ‘the sumazau rhythm beats in time with the heart of every Sabahan’.