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Good to be home

It's good to be home after a year, and working on new material, catching up and just living!

August 23rd 2014 September sun coming soon

Everything has all been said before, nothing left to say anymore. Blogs are annoying, am I right at all? It's been a rough 2 seasons, 2 albums complete "Again" and my Ep "Blasted" plus heavy constant lifestyle changes. Everyday I'm playing guitar, keys, synths, organ, midi, writing, rehearsing new material for the Album Twenty-Nine Year Flash, I guess I'm like that director for the music video "Popular" by the band Nada Surf. - STMandragora (Jesse) (Jay-EV) Blogs suck.

Time to self, 30 day hiatus or so

Had a rough time adapting to the slow spring, and rough time being lonely with heavy changes in everything around me that I love and live life to be except music, besides the lack of Jamming with an extremely talented guitarist and good friend. I decided to just stay away and hide out for a good amount of time. In that time I practiced heavily on Keys, programming the usual, but my main focus was electric guitar. Also acoustic guitar and even the soprano ukulele. Just got my confidence back and got 3 songs written and roughly played live and rehearsed in the studio for the last week now. I plan on doing a solid production on these 3 songs which is much much much more thrash heavy, 1989 Ministry "The Mind is a Terrible thing to Taste" album style. It's good to take a break every now and again from extreme change that you have to learn to adapt to it's habitat again. - STMandragora

The return of inspiration and the formation of "The Strange"

Finally after some hiatus time and just learning songs and developing my keyboard skills, Sound Programming, Guitar and heavily creating automated Tones, I have become Inspired again. My main inspiration was meeting a new friend and now fellow band mate Garret C. (An extremely talented very technical Lead and Rhythm Guitarist Who can play Multiple Genres with ease and has an extensive knowledge of executing a vast vocabulary of guitar skills) Who after 2 hours of playing with I structured very well with. We are currently working and Already have The song "Time" by Pink Floyd almost completely perfected within a week and a half. Together we play the song in a custom style that fits well. We decided to call our selves "The Strange" as we are now officially a band. I will have a solid recording of our version of "Time" recorded, mixed and mastered hopefully by the end of the month. We are also looking for a drummer So I don't have to do all the drum programming and automating while rehearsing and recording, a vocalist, and possibly a bassist and or a rhythm guitarist. I will still continue to Produce my own solo style of experimental, progressive instrumental, Atmospheric style of music, and am always open to working with any musician and friends that have played with me in the past. :)

Took some time off

Took a lot of time off after a really heavy life changing Autumn. I decided to go on hiatus mostly because I didn't feel like I was creating music for the right reason's again. Lately I have been mostly practicing guitar and slowly adapting to this new change in my life that has just exploded. It's a good change and one that takes a lot of lonelyness away. I plan on working on songs like "Ants in a Volcano" with a similar style and also go back to my roots with songs like "Nightmare", The Awakening, Self Destructed, etc. Those songs I created with the most passion and emotion, not caring about anything else but how that song expressed how I lived and was feeling at the time. Just gotta take it slow and work on learning more. It's good to feel good about music life again. - ST

Taking time

After a really great last few days a lot of things just dropped right down the floor today and very heavily on me. Nothing new (on the writing/recording/producing/remixing, and mastering for my upcoming album STMandragora "Again" which will be delayed again, for a week. I have way to much stress going on in my life right now. I have a lot of things I need to help a friend with, and help myself cope with. Hopefully this immense experience will give me some inspiration to write something dark and more like my older music that my fans enjoy. For my fans 400+ fans (especially from the U.K., Florida, Texas, Ohio and a few others besides the state I live in, I'll keep you all updated. Thanks - ST

Things are good

I am happy. I am so happy again. I'm glad to have the privilege to have developed my music skills in a talented way some care about and some hate. I'm happy either way.

Working on all sorts of music

After not really caring about much and trying to find myself out of hell. I have now started working on hip-hop beats and other styles of music. yay

Back and recording again

I'm back after reworking the studio with better instrument, and amp cables, plus i'm now working with a new Behringer UXM250 25 key midi board to my rig. Finally got the interface it comes with working well and running seperate vst's and DAW's is no problem now that I re configured my sound drivers for each board (which took a long time to figure out) Also been playing guitar a lot and looking forward to trying out for Beautiful Corpse. Just put out a demo song after I rigged up the UCA222 interface to my mixer, and created a simple but fun little song I call intermission, just to see how well the new interface works with my recording software and it works wonderfully. I'll be working on some new material here soon. expect some heavy industrial/grungy guitar, and some fucked up fx and lyrics :) - Jesse MagikFingaz Evans


Damn, I didn't even realize I haven't checked my reverb or my email since aug 28. Took me 2 1/2 hours to go through all the mail. Anyway. I have been working heavily with Chris James (My lead guitarist) on with the band we call (for now) The MagikFingaz Chris James Band. We have been working extremely hard on a song we call "Reborn by the Ashes" for 2 months now. It's been so long because were both busy with work and shit. But We finally got a couple of demo versions of the song out there. I'm gonna work on mixing, editing, and arranging the MANY versions we have into something good. It's very unique and very different from my normal SOLO stuff. I have been messing around heavily with the Modular V, the ARP 2600 V and a few other full synthesizers via virtual control through midi interface and programming and parameter automations and the whole 9 yards, I haven't structured or put anything together for a while (been playing and practicing guitar heavily and working with different genres of music) but I'll have something soon after I put out Reborn by the Ashes - Jesse Mr. MagikFingaz Evans