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We've brought Bradley Jay back into the fold as our bassist! He was in the band when it was decided that etheracide should be put onto hiatus. It did not reflect his desire to be in the band nor my desire that he not be in the band. He has worked his butt off and the lineup change has had a huge impact already....his availability and shared desire in playing shows has allowed us to book a slew of shows already with more to come!

Latest Updates

We are currently in discussions with potential bassists but we need more options. We're trying to fill the spot before we head back to the studio on Monday January 23rd.

On that day we will lay down at least one more guitar track each per song and then vocals to replace some and add backing vocals during other parts. We hope to have time in that session to do the mixing and not have to put that off another week or so. We're going to be psyched to release our EP and put our songs here on ReverbNation.

I have all of the ideas in my head for our music video for one of the EP tracks which I will be committing to binary code to submit to the film production company we are planning to work with for the video.

More updates to come!