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blog numero 4

hi everyone just wanna say thanks for following us and liking us. just to let you all know our last show went well but theres also some changes being made jamie our lead singer is leaving so we are looking for a new singer and also our drummer jon is going to be quitting drums and becoming our guitarist/keyboardest and we are welcoming greg matysek to the band as our newest drummer. so hope you all will continue to like us and we will always bring you the best possible music we can we appreciate all the support cheers-jim

blog numero 3

hello this is jim here we have been working hard at getting some new songs written and tight and weve posted a cpl hope you all like em so far we also have some vids up from a recent show. oin the next little while we will be gearing up for some recording as well as doing some shows which we will keep you all posted on so thanks to you fans for sticking with us through thick and thin cheera-jim

blog numer 2

hi this is jim. where to start... hmm, due to some sad changes in the band we changed our name to fired and we no longer have allan as our singer but we brought back josh on guitars we will be re recording absolutely everything but we did put a few guitar demoes to give u all an idear of what we r writing while we are looking for a full time singer.. once we get a singer and things are tight and sounding good our friend dave renton from zingalo will be re recording everything with us and we'll be back better than ever thanks for all the help to you all to this point cheers....FIRED

blog numero 1

this is our first blog so where do we start lol this incarnation of the band has been together since late nov 2011 and things have been movin real fast for us we have done a bunch of recording and now its time to put the breaks on and focus on some new stuff we've written and make them tight as well. we are raked number 15 on this site for rock bands in our area and we are very shocked we've made it this rank so quickly so we'd like to thank everyone whos helped get us this far. so al and jim would like to thank every band member past and present whos helped along the way and now its time to move forward to the future and to jon, gary, jim and allan it looks like a bright one for us thanks. check in to our facebook,soundcloud and reverbnation pages and we'll keep u posted along the way cheers RAGGED COMPANY