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NW Punk Invasion released!

http://oscarrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nw-punk-invasion Check it out! were on it along with all the other great nw punk bands

New bass player

We have a new bass player, Jordan (ex-CLR) he's pretty much got everything down so it's time to write some more music.

New music soon!

So were starting to write some new stuff, we've all been really busy with shit in our lives lately. We got most of the shit sorted out so lookin forward to new music, shirts, buttons, and stickers soon!

Artwork done for the cd


It comes with the back artwork too if you buy it, just can't see it on main page but its and extra that comes with it.

Cds done, new show footage

Our 4 track ep is done!!! you can buy the tracks on our band camp.http://enemycombatants.bandcamp.com/

Also new footage of our show at the lochs on 11/23/12 check them both out! we had to pay a damn decent amount of cash for the ep recording so if anyone has some money and likes it please support! Buy the tracks we would really appreciate it! Then maybe we can get enough to record a full length and/or get some shirts made!

4 New tracks are up

The new recordings are up! you can download them from bandcamp 3$ for all 4 or stream on here

Recording almost done

Should be doing all the vocals and hopefully get the gang vocals done tomorrow too!


Drums recorded today for all 4 tracks were doin!