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My 1st solo career album __Ain't_No_Cowboy__ And my second solo career album: __Band_Of_Spirits__ Are available for FREE here: http://tfieldmusic.bandcamp.com/

All future realese such as __OuT_CasteD__ and __The_Purple__ will also soon be available here as well. Purple will not be free.

NEW Single on Reverb Nation

NEW off the upcoming album: __THE_PURPLE__ : "Corroded Platinum" http://www.reverbnation.com/trevorfield/song/15119190

The Purple

My 3rd solo career album will be entitled __THE_ PURPLE__. Many questions get asked when i tell folks the name of the album. So here is a rundown on __THE_PURPLE__ . Purple is my code word for mania, as one would experience in Manic Depression. It is a lash of energy that seems to go on and on un-controllable. With that said it is a Double Disc halfway through production at this moment. Expected release is for later autumn.

Annoucing Soon To Be Released FREE

I am working on a dedication symphony to The President of the USA... Barack Obama. I'll keep you all posted.

I'm Here

I just started this today. Check out my tune.