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Introducing Cosmo Topper TOO

Video/DVD Picture Music EMI Appears in the video “Belly of the Whale” the first video compilation EMI D TV heard performing in Disney’s animated version of rock and soul songs Belly of the Whale was given the Pinocchio Treatment

1996 Along with Andy Krikun of the Rattlesnake’s composed original songs for Dan Bell’s film “The Shot” Daisychain’s Song “Mood Elevator”close the film a tune Morley co-wrote with Daisychain’s Diana Faust

1998 Susan James “Fantastic Voyage” Tuscadarro Records Background vocals with ex Love lead guitarists Baby Lemonade’s Mike Randle and Rusty Squeezebox and Brian Wilson Multi-Instrumentalist Probyn Gregory

1999 Bartnoff forms his own Band Like Experience Cosmo Topper including at various times Mark E Boy From Dramarama Brian Mastalski Nelson Bragg from the Stew Ensemble and the Brian Wilson Band and Harmonies by Diana Faust and Susan James and of course Probyn Gregory

2000 Jupiter Effect Keyboards 2 songs Produced By Earl Mankey featuring Former Three O’clock Leader Michael Quercio Eggbert Records

2001 ”Cosmo Topper’s Pure Fast Vibration” Morley Road Records Guitars and songs by Cosmo Topper Cosmo Topper’s song “For… The Time Being” can be heard in the closing credits of Rock Documentary The Mayor of the Sunset Strip” First Look Pictures VHS and DVD in 2004

2002 The Negro Problem “Welcome Black” Smile Records Organ Piano Animal Sounds Background Vocals This Record Received a 4 Star Review In Rolling Stone magazine and 4 stars In The Sunday Los Angels Times Calendar

Stew’s Christmas Single “It’s Christmas Time Again” Harmonies Smile CD SINGLE

Stew “The Naked Dutch Painter” Smile Records Keyboards/Harmonies This Record was voted Record of the Year in Entertainment Weekly


Plays baby grand piano on two songs at the Derby in Loz Feliz Ca. for an unplanned Dramarama reunion This last minute replacement surprise gig begins his tenure as one of Dramarama’s “Secret Weapon” In August of 2003 performs with a reformed Dramarama @ The Roxy Theater In West Hollywood Ca. with all original members for Vh1’s series “Bands Reunited” and then in September of 2003 plays with Dramarama at Kroq’s Inland Invasion in front of 20,000 people

2003 Plays extended piano solo on Mike Randle’s 2nd Solo Record entitled “Barstool Blues” OCHRA Records

2005 The Mockers Produced By Robbie Rist Keyboards 3 tracks 2005 Can be heard playing Keys on both of Jim Freek’s Teenacide Records’ recording act Rocket

2005/2006 Becomes The Piano Player at radio station KLSX’s “Breakfast with the Beatles” movie Screenings At The Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax in West Hollywood

2006 Cd release By Andy and the Rattlesnakes playing a REAL Grand Piano originally recorded on 8 track reel to reel tape 80-81

2006 appears on new recordings from Cloud Eleven And Nelson Bragg’s First Solo Record

2007 records piano and organ on 12 New Dramarama songs at Village Recorders for a future release

2007 For the Christmas Eve 95.5 KLOS Fm Radio Broadcast of BreakFast with the Beatles Cosmo Plays Holiday Piano

2008 3/15/08 Cosmo Performs With Dramarama on Star 98.7 FM Star Lounge

2008 8/1/08 Cosmo Topper performs their first show in 5 years at IPO Los Angels

2009 Cosmo Topper Too OptiMystic (How We Make Things Happen

Introducing Cosmo Topper I

1) Morley Bartnoff PKA Cosmo Topper has been playing, recording, writing and appreciating music since he was knee high to an mono single speaker FM radio. He has been a contributing writer to both Strobe and Yeah Yeah Yeah Magazine. Here is a short list of bands he’s broken bread with:

Pasteurized Ashtray Waterfall Who’s The Father? The Frogs Robbed Our House Joe Thomas The Sluff Bros. Cantaloupe Without a Ladder Franny and Zowie Playing Cards Bugs Tomorrow Andy and the Rattlesnakes Burning Sensations The Rugz With Ike Willis Nick Varoom’s Tomb Mesuganah Soul Review Talkback Push-Start Jungle Daisychain The Negro Problem The Stew Ensemble And of course his own band like experience Cosmo Topper Whose song “For… The Time Being” closes the Rock Documentary “Mayor of the Sunset Strip”

For the last 5 years Mbe has been playing keys for that Band Reunited Dramarama

———————————————————————————- and now for a ridiculously long Semi-Time-lined Bio of

Morley Bartnoff Keyboardist Composer Guitarist Songwriter

Born in LA moved to Vegas from 71-76 went to UNLV then Went To Pierce College In Canoga Park Where Music and Theater were his Major and Minors

1969 Pasteurized Ashtray The Song is entitled “Shaggy Drapes” actual 45 rpm singles were manufactured and distributed The Packaging is clear see-through Red Vinyl available through (I am Not A Victim Records) Shares a Co-writing credit and takes a solo on a RMI Rocksachord-an extremely early synthesizer prototype Pasteurized Ashtray also contained Producer/drummer Greg Penny

1970 Waterfall Plays a Honer Electric Piano opens for Odyssey

1970-1972 Who’s The Father While Still in HIGH School This nine piece horn band writing and performing The band is described as Led Zeppelin with Horns Opening for Sweetwater,Smith and John Sterling this band featured the excellent Roby and James Bennet Formerly of Odyssey and Free Circus Two really influential bands in the Las Vegas Underground music scene of the early 70’s

1972-1973 at 18 he began playing clubs with The Sluff Bros. a Funk-Soul band with Future Minnie Ripperton and George Benson Drummer Hugh Morran and excellent former Kentucky Blue Grass and Sonny Charles Guitarist Mark Miller it’s from this band that he would learn to play in time and in the pocket

1974/1975 Cantaloupe Without A ladder attempting to have his own horn band like Who’s the Father The Band plays one Show opening For Jethro Tull

1975 Mbe Plays one of the Apostles in Jesus Christ Superstar at UNLV’s Judy Bailey Theater immediately following the farewell performance Morley Moves from Las Vegas back to his home town of Los Angels

1976-1978 Played Piano with County-Folk-Blues Capitol Records Recording Artist Maxine Sellers Performing At The Troubadour with Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and a 2-year residency at Studio City’s Bla Bla Café

1977-1980 Franny and Zowie/Playing Cards with future Push-Start Jungle and Orphan Moon Vocalist- composer Diane Boothby future Bugs Tomorrow John Raskin and Elton John And k.d. Lange Producer Greg Penny on drums

1979-1981 Andy and The Rattlesnakes Solitary Man/Anesthesia Fellaheen Records Appears with The Rattlesnakes on New Wave Theater performing the song “Patience” on Cable TV

1980 Bugs Tomorrow Co-produced,2nd Vocalist-Keyboards Casablanca Records

1982-1987 Burning Sensations Keyboard and Background Vocals Capitol Records The Belly of the Whale EP

1983 Belly of the Whale/Check Your Mail 45RPM Capitol Arp Quartet(The Steel Drum Sound Piano and Back Up Vocals

Song and Video receive heavy airplay on MTV and Alt Roq stations Nationwide

1983 Burning Sensations Full LP Capitol Records Re-released as a CD in 1996 Capitol/EmI

1984 Repo Man Soundtrack Universal Records Played Hammond B3 with a Leslie on Burning Sensations cover of the Jonathan Richmond song “Pablo Picasso”

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