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After a very fun and successful basement show this past Friday night, followed by a great turnout at Ash Hollow Winery's "1892: Legend of the Gunslinger" Release Party on Saturday night (we forgive you for getting wine on our sound system, Spencer), the Slooches are taking the weekend off from performing. We say we're taking the weekend off, but in reality, our manager's out of town and we decided to relax and have a party instead of playing any gigs. Opes.

The Wanda Jackson show at Charles Smith Wines is now officially one week away from today. It goes without saying that we're all thoroughly excited for this event. (But we're saying it anyway, because we're just that excited!) These last few days will be spent rehearsing numbers and compiling the final ordered setlist (not that Franky Jo will follow it much, anyway). There simply aren't enough words to describe what opening for a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and rockabilly legend means to the Slooches. It's an enormous honor to be able to warm the stage for this woman who pioneered and influenced the musical genre we take such great inspiration from.

In the month of September, the Slooches have 3 shows in Seattle, 1 in Richland, another in Bellingham and 2 at home in Walla Walla. We received a lot of helpful advice from friends this week on which Seattle and Bellingham venues we should send our EPKs to. And the Cabin Tavern in Bellingham, where we're playing on the 28th, is one successful result of that advice! So if there's a venue you think the Slooches would be a good fit for, please feel free to suggest it to us!

If you haven't visited www.theslooches.com yet, we would like to encourage you to do so now! Once there, you can submit your name and email address to join our mailing list and keep updated on all things Slooch.

This week's blog entry is brought to you by the Franky Jo word "Chorm."


This week finds the Slooches working on our website! As if Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, BandPage, BandCamp and MySpace weren't enough!

While the site's under construction, we'll bide our time performing tomorrow, Aug. 24th, with the Lentil Brothers and Humans Being, as well as Gabe Pride and His Man Party, at what is being promoted as the "Last Basement Show (For a Very, Very Long Time)!" While it's probably best not to disclose the location of the show on ReverbNation, we look forward to seeing everyone who was invited via Facebook. After all, private shows and house and frat parties usually prove the most interesting! If you were at the last Basement Show, you saw the Slooches collaborating with the Lentil Brothers on a couple of rare, down-tempo numbers; a Lana Del Rey cover, included. Who knows what tomorrow night will bring!

On Saturday, Aug. 25th, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., the Slooches will perform at Ash Hollow Winery's "1892: Legend of the Gunslinger" Release Party, following local blues band Philly King B and the Stingers. The event will include West of the Blues BBQ and an assemblage of fine wine. While this will be the Slooches' first time performing at Ash Hollow Winery, the band is already familiar with the venue's cordiality, as they hosted Franky Jo's other band, Rubberneck, last summer. Put another way, the Slooches are as much fans of the Gregory family and the Ash Hollow Winery staff as those folks are of us!

In other news, it's exactly two weeks until the show at Charles Smith Wines, where the Slooches will open for the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. Our manager has been busy fielding emails regarding soundchecks, backlines, guest lists and tickets in preparation for the big day. She's also been filling her iPod with Wanda Jackson music and memorizing Wanda Jackson trivia, "should there be a conversation." We know, she's a big nerd.

To close this week's update, we'd just like to say how thankful we are for everyone's continued support of the Slooches and our music. If you've been following our Facebook updates this week, you should know that those who deserve hugs shall duly receive them. Thank you for getting us past 500 "likes!"

We look forward to seeing you at Friday and Saturday's shows, and we'll continue to keep you posted on all our upcoming events!

Oh, and Franky Jo says, quite plainly, "Gloetch."

"Do I Smell Slooches?"

After playing at Bogart's Airport Way in Seattle, Wash., this past Saturday, we were overwhelmed by the amount of support received from both the QmP crew and all the local show-goers. The Facebook messages and wall posts received afterward were greatly appreciated and made the journey - even the part when we ran out of gas - all the more worth while.

The venue owner, Sindy, made a fast friend of Franky Jo's when, after he pulled up in Black Betty (the band van), she shouted, "Do I smell Slooches?" And now that she booked us again in September, invited us to play at KEXP's Shake the Shack Car Show and recommended us to more Seattle venues, our manager/booking agent is her biggest fan. We also became friends with some Los Angeles locals who are anxious to bring the Slooches to their city, and are doing much to help gain us listeners. As we close in on another busy weekend of shows, we are feeling positive, and very, very thankful for everyone's encouragement.

Thanks to Chris Coyle for getting us the show at Bogart's in the first place, and thanks again to Sindy, who says, "[It's] gonna be fun to see what these kids can do in the Seattle area!"