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New and excited things

Hello all, So I must admit. I am not very well with all the technical components of online and creating websites and all that jazz; however, I am ready to record. I am recording using a plug in microphone and a low fi program called music mixer. I am very excited. I have almost three songs complete. Most of my songs are "too long" to post on here; yet, they Myspace allows me to post them.

You can look me up on Myspace as antonaimiranda. My first and last name crammed together and it is in lower case letters.

At some point I will have a Reverb store. Call me old school, but I want to hand make my cds and distribute them, rather than having file shares.

I am so excited to be making a CD. Let me know who would be interested in either helping and/or wanting to receive a CD from me and a love letter. ;)

With love, Antonia