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Gearing up for D Rowes

Had an awesome evening last Saturday at Sky Hi Grill. Will do it again tomorrow nite w/ Jimmy Joe C on Drums and John Robo Robertson on bass. Still deciding which guitar to bring...will it be the '64 ES335, PRS Custom, or G & L Legacy? Come out and see!

Back to the Basics - For the Guitar gearheads

My G & L Legacy (Leo Fender's latest incarnation of the Strat before he died) is a phenomenal instrument and I've been using it almost exclusively for most trio gigs as it helps nail the Stevie sound plus countless other well known blues/rock players. Going thru a Vox AC15 or AC30 it doesn't get much better. But there's one thing a strat and a Vox will never do and that's sound like a Les Paul going thru a Marshall. This combination when cranked makes one go, 'oh yes, that's it.' If it weren't for Marshalls and Les Pauls, blues and rock would sound radically different than what we know it today. So Saturday night, May 23, be playing a Gibson Historic reissue 57 Goldtop Les Paul, thru a Marhsall 1974X Handwired 18watt tube combo. And believe me you won't believe it's only 18watts when you hear it! Come out and bring your friends...we'll be rockin'... T Smith

New Acoustic Set

After establishing a good following with our trio covering the electric side of blues, rock, and jazz, we'll be expanding to a new acoustic set on May 23. Be prepared for some surprises!

November/December updates

This is a very busy time of year in the music business so I'm taking time off from gigging. Korg, Marshall, Vox recently expanded my territory to Nashville and Memphis as well. Will get some studio time in during the holidays. Will be playing next w/ Remove the Silence at Woodcrest the first weekend in December. 2nd week of December will be in New York for the week and trying to plug in seeing Les Paul play at the Iridium in Manhattan on Monday night. Stay tuned for upcoming Trio gigs and possibly some new surprises in Jan. 09 Happy Thanksgiving to all! Terry Smith

August 16 Live @ D Rowes

Another great night at Rowes w/ alot of friends out and about. Had the great pleasure of playing w/ Kevin H on bass and Marty MOrrison on drums. Kevin had a new Marshall bass amp that cranked and I got to open up a new Vox AC15 Handwired head/cab. Who knows what we'll have next. Picking up my Les Paul goldtop tommorow after getting some neck/fret work. That might sound good thru the Marshall huh?? Stay tuned...


Music was always around the house as I was growing up. I listened to my parents records from Count Basie and Cozy Cole to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. First instrument learned was piano around 7-8. Started on guitar around 12 taking lessons at Shaw's Music in Sedalia, MO. home of Scott Joplin. Continued taking thru high school and started teaching guitar privately. In high school, got turned onto jazz listening to Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck and many others. Of course I'd jam w/ my friends on tunes by the Young Rascals, Vanilla Fudge, Ted Nugent, to name a few. During high school, the counselor said I needed to be in band so I took up sax. Went onto major in music at Central MO State Univ (U of Central MO now) playing sax and guitar. Hooked up w/ Bryan Savage, http://www.bryansavage.com/ doing various gigs in Mid Missouri and Kansas City. It was in KC I used to go and hear Pat Metheny http://www.patmethenygroup.com play w/ a group of great players and there met Paul Smith, the piano player in the band http://www.paulsmithjazz.com/. Paul also played piano in a jazz quintet I formed for my Senior recital during my last year at Warrensburg. In the early 70's, I played professionally in a trio travelling the US doing club and some session work. Other bands/musicians I've had the pleasure of working with or sharing the stage w/ are: Woody Herman's big band http://www.woodyherman.com/, Leon Russel, http://www.leonrussellrecords.com/, Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses,Velvet Revolver) http://www.mattsorum.tv/channel/mus, Cheap Trick's Robin Zander http://www.cheaptrick.com/ Peter Frampton http://www.peterframpton.com/, Geoffrey Downes (Asia) http://www.geoffdownes.com/, Jeff Baxter (Steely Dan, Doobie Bros), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_%, Chicago blues legend, Luther Allison http://www.luther-allison.com/, Eric Johnson, http://www.ericjohnson.com/, among others. As they say...Stay tuned! www.smittymusic.com is my support site for Korg USA, Inc. Check out cool gear from Korg, Marshall, and Vox there.

Marshall - The Sound of Rock - First Impressions

In 1968, I went to the local music store (I was around 16 then)to check out the cool new gear that had just come in. The store owner said, 'hey check this out, I hear Hendrix is playing this amp.' I looked and there it was a full 100W Marshall Plexi stack in all of it's glory! Being used to playing mostly small Fender amps, I couldn't wait to try this out. The manager gave me a 30' cable and I plugged in a Les Paul and stood back. Of course Plexis have no master volume so the only way to get the grind and stand firmly on both feet and turn it up. I think I separated the caulking from the front window glass with the first chord. We all remember our 'first times' and that was mine w/ Marshall. Now the rest of the story...the name of the music store was called the Vox Box and the town was 'Marshall, MO.' :-) TS

Terry Smith Trio - Gaining the Groove Momentum

July 28 - I'm in Philadephia for a few days and have the trio line up for our August 16 gig. Kevin Hennessy will continue w/ his wicked bass chops and Marty Morrison from St Louis will be getting it on drums. This will be a first for Marty in the trio and I'm looking forward to it as he's an in demand player in the St Louis area. Stay tuned for more! I've got to say doing the trio thing after so many years of playing in a bigger group (Norm Ruebling band)has been a challenge and also very rewarding. It's forcing me my out of my comfort zone by adding new tunes, concentrating more on vocals and helping put together a sound that sounds bigger than just 3 people. There are several people who've been instrumental in this. First off is Pam, my wife, who's given me some vocal concepts that have made a huge difference in my range, and overall vocal quality. Pam teaches voice at Stephens College and if anyone wants to bring their vocal technique to the next level, she will help you do it. Contact her at Stephens, 573-876-7117. Second are the 'boys in the band'. Jake Hanselman and Kevin Hennessy (drums & bass respectively) are as tight a rhtyhm section as anyone could hope to get. John 'Robo' Robertson and Jimmy Joe Culbertson (bass & drums respectively) also fill in and the level of playing is the same, way up there. Johnny Walker and Brad Harris (drums & bass), also sub and again, there's a groove that can't be ignored. If you don't hear Johnny and Brad w/ me at D. Rowes, chances are you can catch them w/ Remove The Silence at Woodcrest Saturday eve and Sunday a.m. Last but not least alot of thanks goes to David Rowe. Besides having one of the best restaurants/bars in Columbia, David's own style, makes D. Rowes a 5 star, 'must hang here' type of place. Stay tuned for more!