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I got this story from my good friend, who shall be called MR X. MR X was at a show sharing the stage with MS S. and her group. MR X, being a fan and admirerer of MS S. was just being polite and MEANT to ask "when is your next show?". Instead, he asked "so what are you doing after the show?" MS S replied "what do you have in mind?" The startled MR X. backpeddled and said "no, no I meant to ask 'when is your next show?' ". MS S. said, without missing a beat "Oh I knew that - I was just joking". MR X walked away saying to himself " she probably thinks I don't like women ~ sigh ~ "


Years ago our lead singer and bass player shared an apartment. Our lead singer would complain about how the bass player would keep him up all night; close to midnight. Lead singer was going to take care of this situation. One night, after 11pm they fell asleep. Alarm clock goes off and bass player wakes up; "6am already? Man it feels like I just went to sleep" Leads singer watches as bass player goes through the routine of showering, making breakfast and putting on his clothes. Just a he's about to leave for work, lead singer says " hey man, go back to sleep. It's only 2am... I changed all the clocks in the house"


Happy to report that Irene passed over our area. "Sun is shining, there's plenty of light. A new day is dawning, sunny and bright..." GOD IS GOOD!