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Been awhile since I've been on here

First, Thank you all for the continued support! It's really amazing to have people from all over the globe sending messages on how much these demo have been enjoyed. I signed on today to 80 pages of messages, and trying to get back to each and every one of you personally. The Music....Ahh, the music! I've been steady and busy working on many songs. It never stops! I've been bunked up creating music for different projects, and trying to improve where I have weakness. Its ever evolving in progresssion, but staying true to the roots of music that Im founding here in these demos. I have better equipment, new toys, but the same style is being raised. Again, thank you SO much for staying in touch and spreading the music while I've been in the backwoods creating. Stay tuned:::

Corey Nichols

If I go up....I'm pushing you with me

Very seldom will I post out of aggravation, but I feel this is important for myself, and each of you to always keep in mind. That's, "remember those who support you ." I have seen people that have tasted a small drop of recognition, and act as if they have no time for the little guy, the musician hes known forever and a day. It's wild. Im understanding that it's human nature to be caught in the moment, but why be there alone? If I ever have a moment where im in a position to help someone else...you better believe, if you supported me, Im doing all I can for you. Not saying I'm ever going to "make it", but it's always a chance for a silver lining. With that touching on the subject, "Never forget where you came from, and the people that loved you from the start." •• Peace, love, happiness••

Studio Time

Well, yesterday...I was back at it. We got a real song with a REAL good feel coming up. I cant wait to finish it up, and kick out another. It would be so nice to take a solid week, and just wake up, record, drink coffee, and record more. The ideas that would flow would be amazing, just to sumerge yourself in it, and no distraction, no time limit....Just there to write. But as its coming so far, Im happy. Happy with the ideas that are flowing, the sounds that are being produced, and excited about the feedback I have got thus far. Just stick around for some really cool stuff coming up!! Thanks to everyone. Corey Nichols

Update, News, etc

Hey everyone. Just wanted to take a minute, and share a few things that have been going on with the music and ideas. Still working towards completing the LP, I have intentions on putting 5 songs on, with one cover that will be special for those that like old delta blues. I have about 7 songs written, just polishing them up, and seeing if they will make the cut. I want this album to be a good, full body of music from start to end. I have been messing around with some cool tempo changes in one song, but I dont want to stray away from what the album is aiming at, which is a blues, with a touch of mild rock, indie, soul. I have gotten a lot of great responces, and hope you guys to continue to support it. I will probably throw ome demos up on here to share, and get a little feedback on what you guys think of the direction and tone thats being set. Also, CHECK OUT THE NEW MIX on "Behind the Paradigm", lots of postive vibes from that one, and even got it into the radio mix as of this last weekend, which was a super cool way to end the week!!, and start the New year!! Continue to share the love and support for what we all create./ Corey Nichols

CAll and Request ''Behind The Paradigm" This Saturday!!!

Call KLSU this Saturday on The "CREATIVE NATIVE" show on 91.1 FM 225-578-5578 7-9pm and Request "Behind The Paradigm" From Corey Nichols

Here is a Video for the Song, "Behind The Paradigm."


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