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Chart Position #9

We just broke the top 10. Thank you all for your support. I will keep posting my Jam track. If a specific track becomes very popular, I will expend it and make a song. By the way, feel free to leave me comments.

Thank you. MarMan

Songs remixed

I have done a remix on my songs. Give it a listen and tell me what you think. Assuming you have already listened to the original version, you should be able to hear a significant difference. Enjoy

Still alive - Remixing

I am i process of remixing my songs. Learned a few things about mixing and I am working on re-mixing my songs. Hopefully for thge better hehe.

New Song Idea - Progress B

I have posted an update to the :New Song Idea - Progress A: I left the original to show the difference. This song is by no means completed. I still have to compose some more passages. The next step is to finish the song structure.

New Song Idea

I started to work on a new song idea. As promised, I will post here as it progresses so you can see my process. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Added Give Me Life

I have added "Give Me Life" to the site for everyone to enjoy.

Give me Life updated

I have updated the song I am currently working on and posted it on here as IN PROGRESS B. You can check the first version and compare to the version B. I changed the intro and the ending. Changed a few levels and added a lead guitar track. Still much to be done yet. For example, the guitar track needs to be altered to end more softly, some other tweaks along with mix-down then Mastering.

new song uploaded for FANs only.

I have uploaded the song I am currently working on called Give Me Life. It is raw, I have not adjusted the levels yet, I have not done EQ to it yet... I likely will add more like guitar. In short it is raw and exclusively for Fans (meaning you need to sign up as a FAN to see the song being available). I am interested in your feedback. To put it into context, think of when your day is going oh hum and thinking that you are in a rut. You wish something would pick you up and inspire you when all is done, you realize that you already had a life that is good but took it for granted. That is basically the song's inspiration. I do have a microphone but wont subject you to my signing yet hehe. I hope you enjoy it. Again, bare in mind this is in a very raw stage which is why it is only available to fans.

gettin started

Ok ok... I have been told that I have to update my profile. I don't have a picture yet... I'll work on it. Kind of concentrating on the joy of playing music and creating my own originals. I will start using my profile soon.. add a picture etc... Fans, just know that I will ensure that I put snippets of tunes I am working on like the one called experiment. Please know these snippet will only be available to fans and i will blog once I put a fan exclusive snippet on. I am kind of a perfectionist currently studying piano to expand my musical palet but I will make sure that I put things on here for you so please check back often.