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It is time to give you something back. Thank you for support. Keep it up. Get the title track of my up and coming album for free. And be not so egoistic. Share this with your friends :-)


I'm so happy to know YOU are on my side. And I have a fantastic team, of which am very proud. Great musician from Nashville, Hamburg, Berlin and Fredericksburgh who dream a dream with me. Producers, Label manager, PR professionals from Germany and the U.S. believe in me. An especially thanks to Jeff Silverman for his great work as my producer. So who? Who wants to stop us? If YOU share this with your friends, if YOU spread the word, then we are all unbeatable. Never forget: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But It Feels Like Love ♥

It's Only Rock'n Roll But It Needs Your Help - New Album - October 2013

Learn more: http://igg.me/at/jerzee-album

Why do I need your support.

The album is fully recorded. Now it is mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman in Nashville. But like any product needs an album a strong marketing to be successful. The costs can be enormous, but thanks to a strong team, who supported me with enthusiasm, we can keep the marketing budget is relatively low. But also a firm belief in success, not a substitute for professional radio promotion, press relations and an effective online marketing. To cover the costs for this, I need your support.

About me and this album

With the motto "It's Me" Jerzee is started 5 years ago with her first album. Now she is back with "It's Only Rock and Roll But It Feels Like Love" and she rocks more than ever. Who now believes, Jerzees music consists entirely of crashing electric guitars or crisp double bass, is wrong. What really rocks is Jerzees authenticity with which she can fascinate even musical veterans from the U.S.

Perhaps the one or the other can remember her first steps in the music market. After the confident girl of Hamburg, Germany, has been awarded in 2005 with the German Rock and Pop Award in the category of folk rock, she released on her own label in 2007 her first album "It's Me". The same called debut single even made it to the playlists of some large German radio stations. Just one year later, she released in 2009 the EP "Face to Face", her second sound carrier, who presented her passion for the American rock music clearly.

After that, she still produced 9 songs for a next album in the Atlantis Sound Studios (Nick Cave) in Melbourne last year, Jerzee has found a new musical home in Nashville, United States. With Jeff Silverman (Nashville, Tennessee), a first-class musician she find a great producer who has a strong belive in her talent: "Jerzee is not only a wonderful person to work with but an extremly talented artist. I feel she has an international appeal and I can for see many great things happening with her career. "Jeff produced the American rock legend Rick Springfield and worked for artists like Boyz to Men, Paula Abdul, Prince or Richard Marx and Barbra Streisand.

Strengthened by the support in the States Jerzee want now to perfect her rock 'n roll. Therefore she is currently working with Jeff Silverman on her third record. The album "It's Only Rock and Roll But It Feels Like Love" will be released in October 2013. An advance single is scheduled to be released in September.

How can you support me.

Of course, first and foremost with a pre-order of my support packages. But I would be also very happy if you share my little Indiegogo campaign with friends and acquaintances. Whatever you decide, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

It's Only Rock'n Roll But It Feels Like Love. Yours Jerzee


And that’s more than just the title of her brand new single – that’s a statement! The sultry German songstress is setting up another milestone in her career with her new single release “I’ll Be Your Woman, You Be My Man” and undeniably, is destine for success! Jerzee is, without a doubt, one step closer to her dream.

Musik and Film Records, will be releasing the brand new single on February , 7. Stay tuned!

“I’ll Be Your Woman” is written and produced by Stephen Wrench, the well-known president of Musik and Film and colleague of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ozzy Osbourne, Loverboy and so many more. Jeff Silverman (former producer, engineer, writer, guitarist for Rick Springfield) mixed, mastered and played additional keyboards at Palette Music – Studio – Productions, Nashville, TN

Jerzee wants to take the world by storm. With her self-confidence and the support of Musik and Film Records she will do it. Promised!