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I have a lot of things in store for yall in 2014. Pay attention. #FirstClass #gotBAMN #FCM x #RAK

Love what you do.

Make sure you love what you do. Everything comes with ups and downs that you can even imagine, and you have to be prepared. It would make everything that much easier if you were passionate about what you were doing. People are not going to be as passionate about your craft as you are SO..... LOVE WHAT YOU DO!


In order to progress in life, you must know who you are. Know why you do what you do. And most of all know where you are trying to go. A goal without a starting point is just an idea, and we all have those .... -FirstClass

"First Class" Blog #1

"I wanted this project to be like fresh air, you dont know you are breathing it until you are breathing it." -BAMN

Quick Turn up

Bamn just turned up in 882 studios with J. Padron!