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Bathroom Mirror (object writing)

For now the world behind me is visible but that will soon become cloudy and fade away. The water burns just the way it should and the dirt falls to the floor. A fragrance of warmth and light seems to dance with the drops of water that fall on my face and then through the drain. When the glass is pulled aside, a cool rush of air hurries to greet me. A few steps to the glass that holds above the sink, the place I stare and think. There is no world behind me just a cloud of dreams and cleanliness. Time to go.

Object Writing: Crash

It finally happened. We had all seen the way she looked to the ground as if hoping that hell could make up for the things heaven could not provide. The way her eyes flashed with red and violence when you asked her how the world has been. Here she was pulling out her shiny brown hair in clumps that, though thrown with a force of a bull’s rage, only fell softly to the floor without any sound to accompany the outrage she was trying to convey. We all knew this would happen and still we stepped aside with the grace of any performer on stage that’s only meant to be seen, not heard. The love in her life had been ripped out of her by more than enough hands, paws, and claws but they grasped for more and more. She could only take so much but we let the hate and confusion fill the hole where her clarity of mind and sanity had once been held. She held on for dear life like a spider clinging to her web but the wind was far too strong and she couldn’t hold on any longer. It’s sad really but we made it happen.

Not Sure Exactly

I will probably put random things such as a few song lyrics and maybe some of my dorky object writing I have been screwing with - Wes