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My New Shit

Got a lot of work-in progress. Can't wait till i finish and put out the end results. Workin with a lot of people, gettin my name out and gettin to the money. That's all there is too it. Stay On Your Grind.

Doin It Different

Now, Im at the point where I only have one goal, and nothing's stopping me from achieving it.

Thoughts on "Walking Blindly"

"Walking Blindly," my latest song; is a song about our faith. Faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing. Our faith in God is confidence in trust within him. You cannot see him, but you know he's there. You feel his presence with you. So you walk blindly, but in faith. He has been guiding my life and all I have to do is trust and follow him and everything will be ok.

New song,

"Memories of Nothing." ft. BodieWade I love it. Now my favorite song yet and my boy Bodie completely topped it off with his dope chorus and vocals underneath the rapping. Couldn't have done it without him. Thanks also to God for this opportunity. Another man I couldn't do it without.