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That Crazy CD Text Thing

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the Crown & Harp show on Friday. Definitely was a fun night. As for the future, I know the show schedule is blank right now, but I've got stuff in the works. There should be a new show or two posted sometime this week.

In other news...the CD text issue with the Daybreak EP is being resolved. If you've put my new disc in a player that reads CD text you probably noticed the song titles are, um, wildly incorrect. The problem happened in duplication, so the shop that printed my discs will be firing up the presses again and printing up another round...with the correct text info this time. So if you've got a disc from the first round of printing, I will gladly exchange it for one with the correct CD text info. Not sure exactly when I'll have the new corrected discs, but it should be next week at the latest. Otherwise, I do hope you're enjoying the music on the disc, and thanks for listening!

CD Release Show!!

March 23rd 2012 at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas!! I'm excited about getting the CD out, and Opening Bell is the perfect venue for the show. Local artists Temple Diver and Arielle will also be doing sets, and it should be a great night.

The CD is being finished up currently and I'm quite pleased with the way it's turning out. It sounds good and the artwork is looking great. What more could a guitarist ask for? Thanks go out to Rob Gotcher, Mandy Caulkins, Sarah Miller, and Derek Taylor for their work on the project.

Otherwise, I'm hoping to be playing out more often once the CD comes out. So be on the lookout for more Dallas area shows, and shows in other cities around the great state of Texas as well.

The Upcoming EP

Yes, it's coming. 6 tracks, 21+ minutes of acoustic solo ear candy. All recorded lovingly in the studio over at Rob Gotcher's place. Where can you get it? At the release party! When is that? Soon! As soon as I have a date and a venue nailed down, it will be announced. In the meantime, check out my tracks on the Peace, Love, and Dallas Music compilation. It's on itunes, or come down to the show on February 18 and get yourself a hard copy of this fine recording. Yeah.