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If You Want Blog - You've Got It! - Part 4b

This month has seen us play our first 2 nights in a row! Friday 16th November saw the DC heading into Stamford for a show at The Hole in the Wall. It was our first time in Stamford we were unsure what to expect. We found out that Stamford comes alive after 10pm as our second set brought in some of the best rockers we’ve seen in ages, thanks guys! Saturday 17th took us to London once again and The Salisbury Hotel in Harringay for our mate Cian’s 30th Birthday. Stage set, amp’s warmed up, Andy in his Angus gear and crowd eager to rock. After testing out the hazer at home again (it worked perfectly, sod’s law), we tentatively started it up. Perfect! Not a drop of leaking fluid, well not from the hazer anyway, just from our drummer but that’s normal. This was one of those gigs that you remember forever. What an audience!! They we up for it right from the opening salvo of Live Wire/Dirty Deeds and culminating in a huge mosh pit for the last few songs, with Let There Be Rock an absolute frenzy. It just doesn’t get any better than that, thanks to you all!! A wrong turn on the way home (SatNav Pete, he keeps his legendary status), we finally arrived back in Peterborough around 4.30am. Knackered, but happy with Paddy our drummer nursing a torn shoulder muscle earned during a particularly vigorous bashing of his equipment during TNT (Nothing new there then). Coming up on Saturday 24th November, we head to The Ship Inn, Oundle for our very first gig at this great pub. We’ll be on from 9pm with over 2 hours of pure AC/DC heaven. December brings our two Christmas Rockin’ Party gigs. The first is at The Gathering Rock Pub, Sutton Bridge who is gaining a reputation as THE place to play in the region. Best atmosphere, best food, best music and a bloody awesome landlord and landlady. We’re going to 11 for this one! The second is at The Royal Oak in St Ives near Cambridge. We played here back in July and it was one of the best gigs we’ve ever done. We’re all looking forward to bringing the thunder back there again and we may have something special in the sack to unload, just for all you Royal Oakers. 2013 sees us looking at some merchandising ideas with maybe some t-shirts in the pipeline. We now have our gigs listed on Lemonrock, ENTS24 and Skiddle so please check them out. We really do appreciate all the support we’ve had from everyone over the last year and we look forward to making 2013 even better! If you’re on Facebook, please share our page www.facebook.com/lettherebdc with all your friends and family and also please ask them to give us a like. From us all in the band, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a Rockin’ new year!

If You Want Blog - You've Got It! - Part 4a

Hello Let There B/DCians! We hope you are all well. Well another 3 months has flown by since our last blog and a lot has been going on in the Let There B/DC camp. New songs, new venues, the bright lights of London, illness and injury. We’ve had it all. We’ve managed to secure some great new venues for 2013 including, The Gathering Rock Pub (Sutton Bridge), The Ship Inn (Oundle), Ye Olde Maydens Heade (King’s Lynn), The Wheatsheaf (Leighton Buzzard), Flintknappers (Brandon) and The British Arms (Irthlingborough). 2013 will also bring some of the biggest shows we’ve ever done, so keep an eye out in our news section for details. We also launched our brand new website at www.lettherebdc.com We have a comments section (we would love to hear from you) as well as links to our Blog page and our brand new Forum. Please log on to the forum and give us your views. All of our gig dates are also on the website as well as some audio and video. Please check it out if you haven’t already. September brought us to Whittlesey near Peterborough and a gig at Quinn’s bar due to cancellation by another venue at short notice. With all the band set up, we realised this was going to be a difficult one as 4 of the band had the flu and looked and felt like plague sufferers from the 1300′s. But the show must go on and with AC/DC tunes ringing in our ears, we played through it! October took us to London for the very first time. The Rock and Roll train (well, trailer!) loaded up and headed out to The Horse and Barge for our mate Graham’s 50th Birthday. With Pete in the driving seat, it was lucky that he had been there before as his penchant for blindly following the SatNav is legendary (within the band) and we could have got there via Bristol! This time all was well and we got there in good time. With our new 20ft wide backdrop in place, complete with 14 par cans and our logo banner we were all set to deliver the goods. Finally it was time to turn on our brand new Hazer machine and then disaster. After numerous tests at home without a hitch, the Hazer decided to dump most of it’s fluid all over the floor. Cue lots of mopping up. As if that wasn’t enough, a glass of water was knocked over underneath the P.A. Amps and over the electrical sockets as well as Steve’s video camera falling over and knocking over his beer. Gravity, don’t you just love it? All this aside, the lights went down, the first chords of Live Wire rang out and the audience went wild. We couldn’t of asked for more. Thanks Graham! Continued....

If You Want Blog - You've Got It! - Part 3

Wow! Has it really been 3 months since we last posted on here? Time flies when you're having fun. Since the last blog, a lot has been going on in the Let There B/DC camp. In May we headlined the 'Knobworth Festival' at The Angel Inn, Yarwell and it was typical British weather. Bloody Freezing!!! The crowd were well up for it though and it seriously rocked, while raising cash for a very worthy cause. We played quite a few new venues over the following weeks including venturing out to The Royal Oak at St Ives. An awesome pub to play at and the audience were amazing. We'll see you all again at Christmas! New songs were introduced into the set over May and June such as Overdose, Rock 'n' Roll Damnation, If You Want Blood and Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be. The end of July saw the Let There B/DC Rock 'n' Roll Train headline the 'Woofstock Festival'. Better weather this time, although it did start to rain towards the end. We love British weather! Our gig at the Ostrich in August brought our first taste of the technical gremlins as Steve's (our bass player) amp died. He had to nip home to get a spare with 15 minutes to go. Neil's (Rhythm guitar) amp started to fade out and Andy's (Lead Guitar) amp started to crackle! In the end, we managed to get on only 15 minutes late. Nice one. August has us rehearsing many new stonking AC/DC tunes, one or two of which may surface at our gig at The Blue Bell Inn on 25th August. We can't wait to give them an airing! As a teaser, one of them begins with an 'R'! We'll also be unveiling some new gear we've bought to add to the show. The next couple of months will see us rehearsing more new tunes, buying more gear and generally rockin' the crap out of more venues. See you out on the road! All the best Let There B/DC \m/

If You Want Blog - You've Got It! - Part 2

Hello rock fans! We've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks, learning new songs and rehearsing for gigs. We aired 3 new songs for the first time at The Ostrich pub on Friday 20th April. Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be, Rock and Roll Damnation and Overdose (Had a little trouble with the latter, but once we'd learned how to count again up to 8, it was fine) The Ostrich turned out to be an awesome gig (despite a spilt beer and a cracked cymbal) and was hotter than the gate hinges of hell. It was awesome with some great headbanging in the bar, nice one guys! We now have one more practice left until the 'Knobworth' charity festival. We're all fired up and ready for that one, should be a great weekend. We've put a new video on here, as well as a new audio track, both recorded at The Ostrich (thanks Steve and Dave) and we have more to add soon. Keep Rockin' and hope to see you all at The Angel! Let There B/DC.

If You Want Blog - You've Got It! - Part 1

Hello and a big welcome from us all here in the band!! This is our very first blog that we will try and make a regular thing to keep you all updated on anything going on behind the scenes or stuff about the band in general including anything that we find hilarious. We had a really productive practice session this Monday, mostly working on 5 new songs for the setlist. A few surprises will be in store for those who can make it to our next gig at The Ostrich on 20th April, you won't want to miss it. I can't reveal all the songs but I can say that one of them might relate to the title of this Blog. Hmmm. We also looked into adding some stuff to the middle of Jailbreak that seemed to work really well, so that may have an airing in our May 5th gig at The Angel Inn. More gigs are in the pipeline, exciting times ahead! Nothing else to report this week except our accident prone drummer tripped and fell over in London this week. He was walking along in Covent Garden, busy staring at a pretty girl across the street who was smiling at him, not looking where he was going and didn't notice a lady and her dog. He tripped over the dog, fell headlong into the gutter (his shoe flying off in the process) and was beeped at by a passing scooter. Needless to say when he looked up, the young lady was nowhere to be seen. No injuries, except his pride. It would be awesome if you or anyone you know could look us up on Facebook: WWW.Facebook.com/LetThereBDC and give us a 'Like'. The more the merrier. Cheers. Keep rockin'! Let There B/DC