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Working on new music. Everything is written just got to record and start on further production of album. Also new mixtape coming


Whew ! what a year this is gonna be. I can feel boi can I feel it. As you see I got some new songs up. Coming out with more just gotta hit the studio some and produce. But anyways stay tuned and we should have a mixtape coming out before to long. Just been really busy working,school and ministry. So pray for me and love Christ.

Patience is a Virtue!!

Well just currently waiting on some studio time to get new production and really hope I can get some Grade A quality so I can re-record all the songs I have done. Sorry its taking so long on this mixtape everyone I just really tried rushing this and I feel as if the Lord is telling me to slow down and do this the best way possible. So as soon as I make any further production I will post a new blog. I love everyone who has and is supporting this ministry. Love ya'll God Bless :)

Progress & Completion

Just really working on completing this mixtape. The Lord has really been dealing with me on alot of things here lately. Sorry its taking so long but everything is on God's time with this mixtape. Gob bless everyone this mixtape will be coming out this June!!!

Redemption Mixtape Progress

Okay so as of 4/28/2012 we have 12 tracks recorded. One more track to record along with an intro. Mixtape should be dropin this May. Hopefully around the 20th maybe before. Keep all this in your prayers and God Bless everyone that supports I.C.E. Ent. In Christ Everlasting

Mixtape Progress!!!

Hey everyone!! The Redemption Mixtape is coming along great. As of today (4/16/2012) we have 10 tracks. I will not be releasing any of these tracks till the day I am fully completed with the Mixtape. Still alot of work in progress. Still pushing to have the mixtape out by May. I plan on putting this Mixtape on Datpiff.com and some other sites. Just really trying to spread this word out to everyone. Also the cover art should be coming along very soon. Patience has been the key with all this. Just putting it in God's hands and letting Him make everything fall in place. God Bless everyone. Feel free to hit me up on here or either RKeithDrake@facebook.com. Thank you :)

Redemption Mixtape Progress!!!

As of 4/7/2012 I currently have 8 tracks. Should lay down like four more tracks and then the mastering of the tracks will be complete. Keep in tune Im working on different styles with different instrumentals. I have a real good feeling about these up and coming tracks. I'm sure everyone else will really them. God Bless and thanks for all the listeners and fans. :)

Redemption Mixtape Progress!!!

Really taking time to drop this mixtape. Got Sosa Montana working on the producing right now. If ya'll get the chance check out his music on 110 Entertainment. He's got sum videos on YouTube also.