Nominated for 3 awards

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I've been Nomiated for 3 awards with King Country radio. Please go to www.kingcountryagapefest.com and give your e-mail address then follow the simply directions and please vote for me, if the Lords leads too. The 3 areas are ,"MALE SONGWRI TER, 2).FAVORITE CHRISITIAN SING(LORD TELL ME HOW TO SAY IT),AND 3). MALE HORIZON. You can vote for all 3 if you want too. Share this with everyone you can because it is by popular voting. Thank you to everyone for your support. To God be the glory forever in Christ Jesus name. Amen. :0) Rocky James KTCC band leader.

Rick Duncan

3:33pm Nov 21

I.m sure Rocky is too modest to mention it, but after many years of practice, study, & lessons; what a voice and talent he has been Blessed with! Check out 3 of his songs, enjoy and watch for his CD. Mercy! After the death of my oldest daughter in 2007; Rockey's 3rd song on this link is My Theme Song! ROCKY JAMES | Van Alstyne, TX ROCKY JAMES Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by ROCKY JAMES at ReverbNation

Pree Release TMG

| Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC | TMG Artist Press Release: For Immediate Release ________________________________________ Contact: Chris Rutherford – Music Marketing crutherford@tatepublishing.com Tate Publishing and Enterprises (888) 361-9473 Tate Music Group www.tatemusicgroup.com ________________________________________ ROCKY JAMES CRIGLER Local Artist Signs Record Contract

Tate Music Group is proud to announce the newest addition to its artist line-up, Rocky James. The music of Rocky definitely stood out among the countless music submissions and we are honored that he has accepted our offer to be a part of Tate Music Group. Tate Music Group is committed to excellence in the music industry. Our staff of highly trained professionals—Including music producers, graphic designers, and marketing personnel—work together with our artists to produce the very finest music product available. Our partnership with Rocky will definitely make an impact and we are excited to see what the future of this partnership produces. Rock’s first album is currently in production and will be released in May or June 2011. Rocky has performed throughout the N. Dallas area and is currently the band leader at Kings Trail Cowboy Church located in Anna, TX. Rocky and his partner, Dwight Oldham, have been playing music and singing for several Churches and many nursing homes, retirement centers and assisted living facilities, including Pate Rehabilitation Center in Anna, TX. Rocky has had the honor of performing as the opening act for the great “Stonewall Jackson”, in the 90s, and became friends with such greats as Jerry Reed, and Tim Witherspoon, while living in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Don Johnson, Executive Producer and the head of all music production at TMG will personally produce Rocky’s album.

Recording Contract

This last January I signed a recording contract with TMG music group and they have been so helpful in the production of my 1ST Christian music CD. They have done everything they said they would do.In the Music industry as most of you know, it can be very costly to have your songs go from the drawing board to the assembly line ready to distribute nation wide. It all starts,with your orginal songs, then to copyright, then to a recording studio where the arrangements of the musical instruements are set in place, then the sound tracks are produced and then your vocal on top of the sound tracks.Then the final mix down.Behind the scenes, while you are recording there are photo design, artwork design,CD cover design, Jewel case design, bio,promotion, radio play planning and other designs in the works, that is very involved.Please understand that I am only giving everyone who has not be there yet, a insight on what I have experienced and I am certainly not an expert on any of this. It is a lot of fun and exciting to ecperience it. But there is a business side that has to be understood. There is a lot thought and planning that needs to go into a CD for sale and I have just a few helpful hints from my past experience. There are so many artist out there that are so good at not only their talent but have a great business head as well and I have read many of the helpful hints and advice that they so freely shared. If you have a dream to sing and play, go for it and don't let anything keep from living your dream. The journey will be the memory maker. Thanks, Rocky James