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The Hillbilly SiNs - Full Steam ahead

Lots of shows on the horizon!.. This coming saturday at Pokey's in Cleveland... Soutside saloon in Chattanooga... Rhythm & Brews & much more. Check out the band event page for dates. www.facebook.com/TheHillbillySiNs


We are overwhelmed by the loads of positive feedback we have received from the crowd & the venue after last weekend's show!

We have to give a big thanks to the host of the show (One Shot Down) & the gracious support they have shown us since.

The Hillbilly Sins ARE HERE & about to release a slew of dates & news

Spread the word & tell your rowdy friends about us!

The Hillbilly Sins are coming......

This band is the culmination of about 6+ years of searching & auditioning TONS of people... giving up for weeks or months at a time.. then running across someone or getting a lead on a player here & there...

Finally one day after a day of auditions...the last guy left the audition... the band sat down & it was clear.. it had finally come together & "that sound" we had been searching for had finally been heard.

Made that "so you want the job?" call... And the rest was history.

We havent made it a huge hurry to book gigs or get out on the town, instead, spending time writing & honing in on "our sound"

When the Hillbilly Sins finally show their unruly faces in your town... You're gonna know its something brand new.. and something new.

Stick with us & we'll be showing up at a town near you very soon with some of the coolest original tunes.. and familiar tunes we've put our own spin on.

The Hillbilly Sins are coming!