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Walk On

Thought I'd lost this one when my old computer crashed. Found it in an internet search....I guess it's true....once in cyberspace, always in cyberspace. This was before I learned lap steel. Tried to do the best I could by playing my lp deluxe in open E. Terrible recording, metronome???? but the song is intact.

Zinnias: need to trim these flowers

After listening for awhile, I think I'm gonna move the 2nd chorus to the end of the first solo, then end with the 2nd verse. this should shorten it up a bit and make it flow better. I'll try and rerecord it as soon as laryngitis goes away.

The Saw Horses - Round Rock/Taylor TX. present

Members: Bruce Istvan: vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica. Stan Coffman: vocals, guitar, bass. Scott Akers: vocals, guitar, bass, lap steel. Drums? still looking...ready to gig...searching for the right drummer.

one of bruce's other bands..http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/song_details/3256726

Town Criers - Austin, TX. early 1990's

Members: Bruce Istvan: guitar, vocals, harmonica, clarinet. Stan Coffman: bass, mandolin, guitar. Scott Akers: guitar, vocals, fiddle

The songs "Tin and Stone"" and "Rain Puddles" were recorded in Stan's garage.