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Kim Guthrie's song with Harmonica

So happy to share, I got to play Harmonica on one of my Favourite Kim Guthrie Songs! :"Its Hard Letting you Go"

"Wicked Game"; Asking for constructive criticism

Dear friends and visitors to this page, I have an idea, that by asking for your help I can deal with my "Cover Issues" and record more cover songs. I love to collaborate, as you can see by my good fortune to have these gifted musicians whom added to these songs on Joe Williams. My plan is to release very soon, a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" in two forms, actually one whole song split into two to fit under Reverb's 8mg size restriction. As a result, the first part is an acoustic finger picking version, and the second will be a much faster, harder edge rock version. Eventually i will try to release as a whole but that means choosing less quality(less memory) mp3 settings when i convert the files for Reverbnation

whippin boy 2

The people you touch, and the things you say, the clouds in the sky and remembering the way, you used to touch- me. Silver boats, sparkle in the moonlight, the smell of the sea lures you to sleep like the sleepy voice of a lover, calling you to bed Every nite when i come here, i see you found me before i know where you are... In eternity there's never been a moment where you didn't get there first, always pacing like a wildcat in a cage... seven nights a week i live to hear your voice haunting me like a chalice ringing from the circular touch of a wet finger, yours is the diamond sparkle, eyes that shine like the midnight sun, your whispers tell of stories, laid out like a book of poems, Season unfold, time passes and minds change, moods and presence influence our decisions, what didn't seem right, is now ok ain't nobody anywhere, anyway make me out to be a Whippin' boy 2 u.



2 Year Anniversary here

Its been 2 Years now on Reverbnation. I woke up to passing my boyhood idol Kim Mitchel to be 89 in Canada! Woo-who ! Watch out Number 1 ;) I am taking Hart Goetze, Dave Glutek, JP Prescott, Bill Taylor, Simon Point Simon Finlay, Renae,Kim Guthrie,Mike Porschet Khamsina Bill and Lynn Higgs,Rick Kobus and Naledi and Christine SeayBay and So many more who have played and shared great music with me.

Thank you Renae, Michael L Porschet, Kim Guthrie, and Khamsina.(Stevie )

For being my top listeners and I am absolutely in AWE of YOUR TALENTS. How do you superstars find the time, all of you have hit number one in your Rankings and you are all so busy, yet everyday i see your names as i check my stats, with breakfast/ I have breakfast with the Champs every day! You are all very dear to me and I will make music with any of you at the drop of a hat - Say the word and I will make it happen. Thank you for giving me music that Rocks My world, makes me Cry, and sends shivers up my spine and The Coolest Sound Waves to my Ears. Christine Bayens )(Seabay) and Hart Goetze (Heartbeat-Hart goetze MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER AND FATHER ) thank you too for your songplays, I know how busy you both are but you are both in my top 10 LOVE JOEXO

Peace Child (Lucy's Song)

One man,Jp Bob Prescott, more than anyone else, has influenced my ability to play music, taught me so much about everything, and saved my life, more than once. He has just been blessed with a Baby Daughter, Lucia, and his wife Caro are the proud parents, born onto this earth the same time as the sessions of June 2013 of my dream band "PLayers Together Improvising [with Heartbeat Hart Goetze, Dave Glutek,Kevin, Simon Point and Simon Finlay] were recording this song, dedicated with love To baby Lucia Prescott Hola dios te proteja! Your father and mother are great human beings, and their presence was greatly missed , and for the best reason of all -YOUR LIFE, PEACE CHILD :)

Proud to Announce:Recording An Album with Vancouvers Best = My Life's Dream

Progress report;Some Goals are tougher than others. Some have pratfalls and side trips. I am fortunate to have met and made music with or inspired by the most amazing people on earth. I created Joe Williams On Messenger /part of the hotmail/live chat persona In 2001 . I joined Facebook as Joe Williams in 2008 Joe Williams joined Reverbnation Nov 2011,to learn the networking (Social and computer networking end of this new music industry to support my friend, Simon Point, specifically here on reverbnation in his musical endeavor; "Overstop" Simon's band changed personnel however & I continued recording & posting here.) When it took off,I was blown away by your reaction, coming up on 40,000 songplays! Thank you all SO MUCH!-Now That I have your kind song plays and views, as some of you my know we (Hart Goetze William Taylor (Briefly Pet Curley)(Special Guest Rick Kobus)(Ken Custance Lyrical inspiration tech asst, and great guy) Created Corner Hardware as a homage to a life long dream of recording with friends I have known for over 20 years. I am proud to announce Hart Goetze on Drums with Simon Finlay on Bass and , [quite frankly any instrument he chooses], My Brother from another Ukranian Mother; Dave Glutek Keyboards Vocals and Humour Extraordinaire. We are asking Simon Point to drop in on us during the recordings. & We have a joint effort on another Page I created for World Peace , called "PLayers Together Improvising". This goes out to you, who ever reads this, to "PLAY-IT-FORWARD" Thats right you can Find a Song"Canada Day" that Corner Hardware recorded last Jan, and added Dave Glutek & my Piano jam tracks a few weeks ago and we are asking you to download it from Joe Williams 70 on Soundcloud , add your vocals spoken or sung, introduction and words for peace, and play it forward as a Monster Jam! Thats right ! "PLAY-IT-FORWARD" Means you upload the new version to soundcloud or anywhere so we can all hear it- resulting in many versions to support Multiculturalism and Tolerance and World Peace- Get it? I hope so. We need You Yo. Joe Williams Vancouver British Columbia Canada June 21 2013

Friendships and Blessings!

I am so Grateful for the communications I have received from you wonderful friends! I am truly blessed, and i will respond by making the best possible music and continuing to work towards the collaborations and musical goals I have envisioned and I want a very special thanks to Go out to Hart, Renae, Jp, Dave, Christine, Rick, Simon P, Bill Higgs (and Lynn:) Stevie, Kim, Fefe, Laura, Joey, Mike, Paul, Naz, Lorrie, Barbie,Bill, Brian, Pierce, Chris H,Deb,Ken, and so many other have reached out to me in my time of darkness, and encouraged me to persevere. (All by example) you are In an Extraordinary league of your own! You have taught me about loving my fellow human beings while pursuing my art. I am forever indebted to you, for that gift of life :) If you haven't already, seek each other out -there is a world of love in those names and soooo many more who have coincidentally touched our lives directly or indirectly.Too many to mention them all - Thank God for you :)

Hartbeat-Hart  (over 4 years ago)

Your words and feelings are so down to earth and sincere my brother..:) Thanks for your friendship through all past years, and for many more to come!
Your friend and brother, Hartbeat.

Joe Williams - Thompson
Joe Williams - Thompson  (over 4 years ago)

Thanks Bro Cheers to many many More!

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