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If it's pie you're craving with that ice cream, try a slice of heaven with the re-master of "Mom's Apple Pie," the most famous rock band to come out of Warren, Ohio. The ten-member band, renown for the risque artwork on their first album cover, and lead singer, Bob Fiorino's voice, enjoyed much success nationally releasing two albums in 1971 and 1973, with a third one recorded but never released. They toured across the country, sharing billing with rock stars, David Bowie and the Doobie Brothers at venues like Madison Square Garden, the Whiskey A-Go-Go in L.A., and clubs, concert halls and college campuses. The band's manager, Larry Patterson of Treasure Island Gold in Fla., is responsible for Mom's Apple Pie being recorded on the label, Brown Bag Records, owned by Terry Knight. Band members include: Bob Fiorino - vocals; Anthony Gigliotti - vocals; Bob Miller - lead guitar; Joe Ahladis - rhythm guitar; Greg Yochman - bass; Dave Mazzochi - keyboards, vocals; Roger Force - saxophone, flute; Bob Pinti - trumpet, vocals; Fred Marzulla - trombone; and Pat Aulizia - drums. Now, half a century later, not only are "Mom's Apple Pie" first two albums being re-mastered and re-released as CDs, but the third, unreleased "mystery" album has been discovered and is being considered for release too. Once it's remastered as a CD, it will be featured, along with the band's other CDs on www.myspace.com/itsinthebag1 According to Patterson, the infamous, first album cover's artwork of female genitalia will appear on the CD cover of the band's re-issue of their first hit album. For more information, check out: www.myspace.com/moms.apple.pie

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Mom's Apple Pie were a ten-member rock band from Warren, Ohio, United States and consisted of Tony Gigliotti (vocals), Bob Fiorino (vocals), Roger Force (saxophone, flute), Bob Pinti (trumpet, vocals), Fred Marzulla (trombone), Bob Miller (guitar), Joe Ahladis (guitar), Greg Yochman (bass), Dave Mazzochi (keyboards, vocals), Pat Aulizia (drums).

They were best known for their album cover but also for the voice of the lead singer Bob Fiorino. The band released two albums: Mom's Apple Pie in 1971 and Mom's Apple Pie II in 1973. A third album was recorded but never released. Their manager was Larry Patterson and they recorded on a label owned by Terry Knight, Brown Bag Records.The band enjoyed a successful career nationally and toured extensively across the U.S. Venues included a wide array of college campuses, clubs, concert halls, the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden. They performed with such artists as the Doobie Brothers and David Bowie. Larry Patterson, the manager of Mom's Apple Pie, booked the demo session with producer Kenny Hamann at the Cleveland Recording Company. Pia Knight, Terry's wife, overheard the demo being played in one of the rooms in the back of the studio and convinced her husband to sign the group.

Both albums have become favorites among collectors, due in part to the self-titled first album's risque cover artwork, which contains a subtle depiction of female genitalia.The cover was banned shortly upon the album's release and an alternate cover was released, making both versions highly sought-after among collectors.Their musicianship and overall sound have been compared to such bands as Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago. (Wikipedia) Posted by Redtelephone66 at 3:44 PM Labels: Rock