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Hollywood Jan 19th -28th 2012

13 played the Key Club on Jan 19th and The Whisky A Go Go on Jan 28th...We had a blast at both places!! I'm thinkin that 13 is going to love the Big Move out here to the IE and LA area!! Rock On!!

Back In Cali...

After spending the Holidays in Toledo, Ohio we headlined a Season Beatings and Scary Christmas show with Thrash Giants "Mobile Deathcamp" and FDA to a sold out house at the Zodiac concert Club. Now we are back in Southern Cali ready to begin preparations for our upcoming CD and working on our show so that we may deliver Top Notch performances this month at Key Club and Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip! We certainly hope to see you at a show and greet each and everyone of you...For we do this for you!!! Our 13 Crew....Regards `13~

Snarl13  (about 6 years ago)

And what a KILLER show that was playing with old Time Friends...only way to have it...look out Cali here we come all ill say :)
Snarl from 13

Cherub Ballroom

"13" has decided to take time to head back to the Toledo/Detroit area during the Christmas Holiday not only to spend time with our families but to enter the "Cherub Ballroom" to sequester and write our material for the New CD...Upon return after the first of the year we will begin to process all we have written and enter "Sin Studio" and make it happen! In the midst of recording "13" will be performing several shows in the Southern California area and make friends with the masses and enjoy our new found fan base! Good things coming ours' and your way!! See ya at a show or 100...Rock On!!

Big Move

13 is excited to bring our flavor of New American Rock/Blue Collar Heavy to the West Coast. To be more exact, Moreno Valley of the Inland Empire. After performing show after show in the Midwest...In the scorching heat and the unforgivable loading in and out in sub zero weather and several feet of snow including blizzards and ice storms...California is a wonderful welcome! We certainly hope to attract a Fan Base here in Cali Once we get rolling, we are a workin and playing machine!!! See ya at a show or 100!!! Rock On!!