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Well its almost Thanksgiving and I am very Thankful. Thankful for my family, friends, and fans. I am Thankful that GOD has blessed me with the ability to use my talents to serve him. I am Thankful that he blessed me with a Record Deal and that the Record is almost done. I am Thankful that GOD puts me into situations that I can minister to others through my music. This week I had the opportunity to play at Shady Oaks Baptist Church close to Athens, Tx. I had a young man come to know Christ as His Savior through the event. That is why I play music. When its all said and done that is the reason I sing. I look forward to hopefully many opportunities to serve through the GOD given gifts I have. Thanks You Jesus

CD News.

I had my friend Keith Davis in Austin do the BGV's for the CD and he is finished. The label should have the tracks so they can mix and master it by tomorrow. Then once its done I can sign off on the recording and it can go to art for them to do the CD cover, Web site, and commercial. Im super excited.

Album Rough cuts with Vocal

Well I got the album rough vocal tracks from the Studio and they are great. I sent them to Keith Davis in Austin to do BGV"s. Cant wait to here the finished product. Hope to have CD done by Christmas...


Hey everybody. Where do I start. Last week I was offered a Recording / Marketing deal from TMG Music. I also put Different kind of crown on my reverbpage for y'all to hear. IT has gotten a great response. We started this week at number 8 on the Reverbnation Charts for Christian / Gospel music for the Athens area and #18 on the chart for all genres of music i the area. In 3 days we moved to #1 on the Christian / Gospel chart and moved up to #12 on the chart for all Genre. Lets keep moving up the chart. I appreciate all the support. GOD Bless you!!

Recording / Marketing Contract

On Thursday last week, I was offered a Recording / Marketing contract. On Friday they I received the contract and It looks good. I am waiting to hear from my attorney before I make a decision. Might have a full length CD before too long. GOD is good!!!

May 11, 2012

Man this week has been great. Things are definitely looking up for the Ministry and the music. I have some big news to release soon.