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The Night I Knew

Back in the day, my buddy Boo I mentioned him earlier and I told our folks we were going to the lake. Instead of heading north we turned south towards Dothan; Our goal? To see The Marshall Tucker Band. We were 16. MTB was one of the Capricorn Records acts along with The […]

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Were heading south on I85 on our way to Pensacola FL for The Pelican Drop New Years Eve Show. 2015 has been an amazing year with lots of new friends, great music and good times. Were stoked about whats in store for 2016. We appreciate yall hanging with us for the journey. Have a […]

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Where It Started

Ive told the story about blaming Boo for getting me involved in this crazy business (and I thank him every chance I get). If you missed it the short version is in 10th grade Boo started coming to my school. We hit it off great. That spring he was putting together a band for the […]

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Russ Still singing Sturgill Simpsons You Can Have The Crown

I had such a big time at the Sturgill Simpson show in Atlanta on 10/24/15 I had to honor it. Reviews coined it the biggest Karaoke Party in town. Sturgills voice was blown, he promised to come back to give us the show we deserved, but he gave us a free show calling people out […]

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Russ Big Night Out Sturgill Simpson Show

First things first, Sturgill Simpson is THE MAN. A relatively new artist out of Nashville that Ive been listening to for about 2 years. If you havent heard him (or even heard of him) stop reading this and go listen. Really. So hes playing in Atlanta, Im not sure I can go, but 2 days […]

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