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New Album 2012-2013.

1.Voices In My Head 2. No Land Man 3. Oriental Dream 4.Magic Word 5.Floating In Space 6. Eldorado 7. An Ordinary Day 8. A Peacock On The Roof 9. I Can't Reach That Far 10.Precious 11.Nothing Leaves 12.Happiness Can Make You Cry

kloudworks  (over 5 years ago)

Good luck with it, Vincent! ~ kappi

RIP Jim Van Tuyl.

24 of Oct. my wonderful friend passed away.Words can not express my sadness,he was an amazing man,clever,talented,wise,always had only good words to say for everybody and full of love for life.His great work on lyrics,his wonderful warm voice and amazing sense of truth and humor will live forever through his songs and through his collaborations!!!!!Check out his lyrics here(I can't Reach That Far-Precious-Nothing Leaves and his song *Together) or www.reverbnation.com/scrumpy the flea,or www.reverbnation.com/kloudworks and dont forget to listen to his collaboration with Pieter from Belgium(on scrumpy's page).

Songs Within A Song 2011-Tracks List

1 .Dream On 2. Home 3. Thin Line(Lyrics by Sheltering Sky- New York) 4. You Clean Out The Pain 5. Wing In The Wind 6. Alone(lyrics by Edgar Allan Poe) 7. Let it Out 8. Shiver 9. Mon Amour 10 Purple Skies 11 Tonight 12 Born To Be Free

The Albums.

Interplay 2008

1. The Next Big Thing is U 2. Lazy Day 3. Crying Out 4. Crazy 5. Sign Of The Modern World 6. Hitchcocking 7. Scars 8. Dream Of Desire 9. Hope Dies Last 10. On and On 11. Good Vibes 12. To The End 13. Drifting

More Collaborations.

Scrumpy the flea wrote the wonderful lyrics of *I cant Reach That Far and *Precious.He is an amazing lyricist/artist/human...more to come soon. The *Ships of Gold is a brain child born by Klaus Kappes from Germany.An amazing musician and creative mind.The lyrics written by Pamela Grigg Black,USA.Check their wonderful works here at RN.

Together is a wonderful song written by Scrumpy the flea.I arranged it and produced it.


The Lyrics of* Nothing leaves and Nothing Stays,written by Scrumpy the flea from USA.Visit his page at: www.reverbnation.com/scrumpytheflea..and enjoy his wonderful world of songs, with words that really mean something.I love his wonderful soul.... I used my 1988 Fender Japan Strat for the song,playing through a Marshall JMP-1 pre amp and then to the mixer.I used my Neumann U87ai for the vocals,through a TLAudio 5060 valve compressor

Ships Of Gold
Ships Of Gold  (almost 6 years ago)

I will not say this great song is a matter of your impressive equipment ... but ... I am impressed:) Scrumpy's words rock as your song does, Vincent. Wonderful work. Listening again. ~ kappi


Lazy day is the song that I chose for the trailer of Demicaya.It stacked in my mind.Love the voice/lyrics/melody.A song that can easily be a hit,retaining a quality that is not so usual in the catchy songs. For Demicaya I just gave him a direction to follow and voila...done...when I first listen to the main theme I almost cried..he reads my mind and writes with his soul. An artist who can make your day. After all, we all need to have a lazy day. Miltiadis Grecos Director of Demicaya (2011)


I ve listen to Interplay for 3 years now,it is the most played album here in our circles of friends...one of those cd's you forget to stop,sometimes playing 2-3 times,over and over again.Every time I discover something new and hidden inside.My favorite tracks are *Crying Out,*To The End and *Drifting... His guitar work on *Drifting is amazing and is first take.The link betweeen Jeff Beck and Steve Vai.His vibrato is very high class,feel,notes,changes,sound. George Smyrilios-musician,producer Hit Factory Productions-Patras GR


It was summer 2006,on tour for *Cookieballs with honey,a black comedy-playing in 55 cities and towns around Greece,from south to north.Every act was different,depending from the mood,the audience,the weather.Vincent wrote the music and the songs and he was the one and only musician playing on stage with us.At the last show we had,(was close by to our base)everyone came with his/her own car.Vincent didnt show up..we worried..delayed the show for half an hour.. Finally he came and you know what?He forgot his guitar at home..I was in panic..he said..*dont worry I ll try something else..He open his bag where he had the pedals, the pre-amp..and took out the box with his harmonicas...let"s start.. he said..went on stage,light on...and he started to play harmonica and sing acapella..it was music from an angel planet..in the meantime somebody went to pick up his guitar..as soon as the guitar came to him.. started to rain-a hard rain-a sudden summer storm...it was the end of the show.... On every show he was improvising,following every single word ,making all the effects with just his guitar,voice and harmonica...his voice was sweet and clear and the next minutes could sound heavy and low..his guitar sounded like a whole band. Amazing musician,singer and human being. One of the best I know. John Magoutas Actor-Leader of Methexis theatrical touring team-Larisa GR