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KB's Chronicle # 430168-420c

Just wait, watch and see Krave do there thing .....What do You KRAVE???????

KB's Chronicles #h38-k099e.328-b.62-3

Yo whats up everyone thanks for listening to all our songs and for some awesome feedback. Right now were getting all backed up we got four albums and a mixtape and not enough time. so fuk we got a show march 18th at the Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh NC after party tba at the show. also we've got a show on the 29th of March at Volume 11 in Raleigh NC right now tickets are $8 if you buy now you have a few days to use promo code KRAVE202 when ordering tickets. To aceess tickets online go to www.seizurecauzinmusik.com and follow the link at the top of the page. Also we got some colabs going on now with unsigned artists from around the world if you want in on a dope ass mixtape from around the globe just hit us up...Seizure Cauzin Musik.....stop sleeping...... wake the fuk up!!!!! Dominos Bitch!!!!!!!!!!

KB's Chronicles #.439872-9f

Seizure Cauzin Musik is getting ready to literally RAPE North Carolina with no lubricant. Hope yall are really ready for this shit. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Artist Alert!!!!!!!!!! Check out The Madman from WakeForest, NC....Checkout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgH3lHQBYao&feature=colike It's definitlly some SCM Shit......Also we got a dope ass show coming up at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, NC.We got tickets for that so if your in NC and you wana see some of the best local artists get at us, we got tickets for for : $10Advanced/$15@Door. Local sales only...or check out the venues site...but we are in the process with making a colab globally with other artists if you want in , you know what to do....and we are getting ready to Blow holes thru the Bible Belt ...Dont sleep on us ....Seizure Cauzin Musik..... we got this-KB

KB's Chronicles # 187420247

Hey everyone well first id like to thake our fans for getting us up over 500 fans Much Fukin Luv to yall....Also incase you didnt know we did our first performance as Krave on January the 8th at Shakedown Street in Raleigh NC.....I did a solo show shit back in december like the sunday before christmas i think videos all fuked up but its all good....We are also doing another show at Shakedown Street Sunday the 22 around 1030-11 we got a two song slot and were gonna rip it again ....we also got some dope ass new trax up on reverb "On one" not the best version but at least you can imagine how dope it will be when its mastered..... if u havent herd "on one" goahead TO OUR PAGE ON REVERB AND CLICK PLAY CAUSE IT IS PRETTY FUKING FRESH.......any way Our album MDK is slowly comming along were pinching pennies getting this shit mastered but its slowly comming along we got new trax to record and some video fotage from the up comming show should be up early this week SCM Seizure Cauzin Musik "we got this".....KB........

KB's Chronicles # 57690143

We got a couple of good days in the studio comming up a 2song slot at sucker free sunday at Shakedown Street in Raleigh on January the 8th, a secret new member on Seizure Cauzin Musik to help spred the cauze ...a random free stylist whos almost doper than naztee we will have to see in there free style warfare on upcomming trax with me KB as the reefer-e and comintator and were starting to get things rap-d up on our MDK album that we have been pushing off for awhile but shit seems to be working out slowly but its all starting to come together kinda smoothly gearing up for the new years eve party at SCM Studios and the whole fukin year for that matter .....Were on that murder death kill tip...blazin mad weed tip...15s poundin in the trunk shit Seizure Cauzin Dirty South Crunk Shit....Check back after the New Year for more trax and free downloads ......KB.........

KB's Chronicles # 45329980

Whats up new songz are in the making so check back to get a free downloadable trak and a new streammer in time to make ur monday even better by hearin sum new dope trax..................

KB's Chronicles #-1.432

Yo i got some thing supa fukin awesome to sharewit everyone it is prettymuch the dopest thing ever written about anyone.........Check it out.. .Krave is A Shockish Duo, From the Durham 919 Area, Who's explicit lyrics and Freedom Speech is sure to get a hostile stage show enviroment. After Hearing Rockstar Shit, I felt like hitting my neighbor's with Chair's. After doing a online chat room interview with Big Naztee on 0ctober 9th 2011 I Ryan Newman from Underground Music Charts claims that Big Naztee and KB have two crazy personality. The Two Rappers from North Carolina, Are very New to the game, But last time I talked to Big Naztee i thought music production was awful, But from the three tracks Big Naztee let me hear...There gonna be a Underground Force in the 919 Area possibly into Virginia. " Ryan Newman " From the Underground Music Charts Blog " ....haha im not gonna ....haha our first reveiw was fukin awesome read it for urself at http://www.mymusicstream.com/krave/aboutus.html

KB's Chronicles # 0344-885.2h

Yo two new trax up we got our trippleX hit Poundin' and another random song called Yep.... also here shortly we got a ruff cut copy of Blunt Splitter some how Big Naztee got the only copy of that shit right now and i cant find it any wher on my computer hopefully he will put it up on here shortly or email it to me.....F*kin Stoners.........

KB's Chronicles# t-10sec

Dopetrax just been uploaded checkum out and let us know what u think.......

KB's Chronicles #407789-187

Got cubase readdy for these next few trax i think i figured enough to get some sick but not quite sars level but defenetly some epedemic shit going to happen here at SCM shortly....as in 2day and "the day after tomorow" Muwahahaha!!!!!! and possibly another free download solo shit is going good for BN he is still killin his CD with some retardedly sick shit going on ....and my aolo shits almost done just kick back itll be dope .......We got the Dirty fukin Dirt Crunk ass Dope Hip Hop/Rap Shit !!!!!.......KB....

Krave  (over 5 years ago)

Ammendmant 28.4 Section 3.f45-90.23.oh yeah and mdk is almost done workin on a few more dope trax then maybe let yall get at some of our final cuts .....maybe one or two streamable CD version Trax......